Alan Wake could actually be shown at GDC. Plot reveals deciphered: "production nearing the end"

Two days ago, community manager of Alan Wake forums received a package from Alan Wake developer Remedy. Remedy has been giving all kind of presents for the moderators and the staff of the forum.

This time it was a message from Alan Wake himself:

"The amount of pages keeps growing each night. There are also new edits on the old pages. They keep getting more aggressive. The story is rewriting itself. The protagonist is now my namesake, and his wife is called Alice. The most worrying aspect: the genre seems to be shifting. It's turning into a horror story. I can no longer be certain whether the hero can succeed or even survive. Apart for jumbled fragments of bad dreams and an oppressive feeling, I can remember nothing of the process when I wake up. But this morning, a breakthrough! When I came to my senses, I could smell her perfume on my shirt. I am close. I know it. I must push on.

- Alan Wake "

Many people thought that this message didn't give anything new.

However, Alan Wake forum member bstarter29 thinks different:
"I think a lot of it is in referrence to Remedy's development cycle with AW."

Click the link for more intersting reveals.

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3527d ago
no_more_trolling3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

wow u fangirls find everything to try to bash a game. lots of successful games did not have co-op. even on the ps3. metal gear 4 didn't have co-op, bioshock didn't have co-op.

its time for you to start being a mature person

lets de-bubble the troll

Omega43527d ago

You obviously havnt heard of Killzone 2 then

green3527d ago

Well as you can see, common sense is not so common after all.

TresTrendu3527d ago

Man that has to be the funniest sh1t i have ever heard....thanks morganfell...goodtimes

Tarasque3527d ago

Way to log in with multiple accounts, even though that is the funniest thing i have read in a while except for killzone 2 getting a 10.

Utalkin2me3527d ago

What do PS3 fanboys normally call this what is the word, ahhh trolling.

thenickel3527d ago

see were morgan is coming from this is totally different from the KZ2 wants and dislikes about co-op.

dragunrising3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Sometimes the real world hurts. Its OK to wake up one day and realize what a fool you are. Your comments are neither constructive nor add anything of value. Sorry to say but co-op is a dying feature in current gen games. Your complaints are biased as usual; otherwise I would see you make the same comments about PS3 exclusives. Don't be a troll. Thanks.

Edit: sarcasm or not, there is a Gamer Zone for a reason.
Open Zone >>>>>>> that way

Edit 2: Morgan- don't take my comment seriously. We butt heads, that's what we do. Better not bring up Gears again though.... lol

Karum3527d ago

Did none of you catch morganfell's sarcasm or even realise why he made it?

There was no real need for the comment but if you laugh at fanboys on both sides of this "war" and understand why it was made then it's actrually kind of funny.

gaffyh3527d ago

LMAO @ you retards attacking morganfell, he was being sarcastic, because that is the classic argument all xbox fanboys have been using about KZ2. You all talk about co-op being the be all and end all, he was just pointing that out.

On topic - I hope it is at GDC, it's been ages since I saw this game, and I've been looking forward to it since it was announced.

Gamingisfornerds3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Am I the only one sensing some sarcasm in Morganfell's co-op comment, lol...

edit: Lol at the disagree's...people over here aren't all that bright, are they? What a bunch of retards...

morganfell3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Thanks for getting it TresTrendu, gaffyh, Karum, and Gamingisfornerds. The people disagreeing are either mentally impaired or in denial. I do not think co-op is necessary but apparently I have to remind people of one of the two ridiculous complaints used to assail Killzone 2. No co-op. It is quite absurd but quite clear none of these people had an issue with such a ridiculous remark when it was leveled at a PS3 title. In the end it truly shows who here has an unhealthy bend.

By the way I only have one account. There is only so much time I can spend attempting to redirect the misguided and one account is all I can allocate.

Nelson M3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

This game needs to change its name to
Alan Hibernation

dragunrising3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

I don't recall the article mentioning Killzone 2. Regardless of your sarcasm, it shouldn't be in the Gamer Zone. Your also wrong about your assertion that people didn't take offense to comments about Killzone 2 lacking co-op. Obviously your quite upset.

Your disagrees have nothing to do with people "not getting it" but mentioning a completely unrelated topic. Two wrongs don't make a right you know. How about leading by example.

JokesOnYou3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

You can call it sarcasm if you like but whatever you disguise it as it just screams trolling to anybody other than extreme sony loyalists; simply because your logic is flawed given the fact that Alan Wake is a single player story driven themed game unlike KZ2 which is a straight up shooter and YES any shooter experience is tailor made for co-op(or more).

Now don't mis-understand me, co-op I guess could be done in any genre/game but outside of shooters it doesn't automatically make sense, Alan Wake is a psychological action thriller, set in an open world game where YOU play as a writer who's trying to discover the mystery of what seems to be your latest horror story which you can't even remember for some reason is now coming to life, in a small isolated town; oh and your wife has vanished too= Alan Wake himself IS the story, co-op in this case would be redundant for a story driven type game like Alan Wake since at its core its all about YOU deciding where to go an "unlocking" the plot for YOURSELF. As for shooters no matter what the story is, the simple principle behind them all is go kill the opposing force.

There are plenty of kick-ass shooters without co-op but given the core gameplay of how shooters are played and how big online gaming has become a co-op option in any shooter past or present would be a definite plus and like many reviews for KZ2 stated you already have teamates along for the ride through the whole campaign allowing one of them (or more) to be playable in co-op mode doesn't change the story or how the game is played in anyway, except instead of AI controlled teamates you have your best bud along to shoot the bad guys with you, which is WHY shooters are the perfect genre for co-op, and its becoming more and more EXPECTED as a feature/option in shooters this gen. I remember when it was questionalbe reading requests for a certain game on a certain forum filled with Gamers request for co-op campaign; It was crazy. The lack of co-op in a shooter won't render it a terrible game. If the core gameplay is great then it will still be hella fun. lmfao, You can deny it all you like but the lack of co-op for a shooter now a days will be a dissapointment to any huge shooter fan myself included. Again this is WHY many reviews noted it as one of KZ2's flaws, that doesn't mean I won't play it.


oh OK you want sense of humor?; I guess I should have said:

"LOL sony's biggest game this gen, all that time, money and even with the power of 'teh cell, we get sony's greatest next-gen shooter with no co-op KZ2, damm I dissapointed with these bluray games, lmfao?"

vvvvvv is that enough sense of humor for you Nickni? or would it be funnier in a KZ2 thread? (smile)

NickIni3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Alert alert. We have a sense of humour failure.

Although, a better phrase would be:

"Why so serious?"

Please make sure your sense of humour and sarcasm detector is switched on and set to 'auto' at all the times.

no_more_trolling3527d ago

it was still uncalled for morganfell. thats y it got deleted by mods. i made no fanboyish comments in reply to ur trolling comment

ThanatosDMC3527d ago

I hope it's like a way way better version of silent hill. Also, if it does play like Silent Hill 1 & 2, i want unlockable weapons with different endings. Remember those UFO endings?

NickIni3527d ago

Lighten up. You post a wall of text in reply to an obviously sarcastic comment.

Anyway. We've seen so little of Alan Wake so far, I find it hard to get excited over this piece of news, but I'll look out for it.

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jesterlives3527d ago

This is one that I am looking forward to playing.

ape0073527d ago

I really want alan wake

Dave20013527d ago

I hope so We've haven't seen anything about this game for a while i just hope it lives up to the Hype though to be honest i have a feeling it won't.:(

silverchode3526d ago

The hype is itll be the best looking console game.

Why dis3526d ago

Thats the problem what hype does it have to live up to?
No one has seen gameplay in motion.
A handful of 360 fans on N4G's saying it looks good is not an excuse for saying *no hype is hype* and then some idiot come in and say it will fail.

Karum3527d ago

Looking forward to more info on the game.

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