MadWorld Co-Op Multiplayer Revealed

GCO: "Well, Well, Well… What do we have here? I don't know if you missed this when SEGA released there latest trailer for MadWorld, but when we re-watched the trailer, which was the 'Black Baron Announcement Trailer', we saw a little co-op multiplayer action going on, but if you didn't notice it here's the trailer, it should be in there some were."

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Danja3525d ago

amazing...this game is looking better and better with each video I see of it

Danja3525d ago

hmm guess the game isn't looking better with each gameplay vid...

I will call it now..Best Wii Game of the year.....then comes the Condult

Product3525d ago

sorry but people need to realize its not co-op that was a mini game called bloodbath just like mandarts.

The main campaign is still single player.

Product3524d ago

if it was co-op why would it have a timer?which is clearly in the trailer.Why would the game include a "minigame" called "Bloodbath"?

I think someone saw this mini game where 2 players battle to kill people in the fanciest way to gain better points and whoever comes out with more points wins...........and thought it was a 2 player co-op........ive never seen a beat'em up game with a timed 2 player co-op before.

jcgamer3525d ago

wow, i didn't know about

Chubear3525d ago

This is the way to go for gaming. Co-op must always be implemented I'd say. Hooking up with friends is the way to go.

ChampIDC3525d ago

Though it doesn't work for every game, co-op is always a welcome addition where applicable.

TruthbeTold3525d ago

and yet so whimsical. lol

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