Best PlatinumGames Games | From Nier: Automata to Vanquish

The following list of the best PlatinumGames games so far should remind fans of the developer's pedigree before its latest title, Astral Chain, launches on August 30.

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Tarkus1227821d ago

Vanquish is such a underrated gem
One of my favorite games ever

PygmelionHunter821d ago

I still need to make some time to play a couple of these!

Platinum are one of those few developers you can almost blindly trust to deliver an actually good and complete game out of the box.

Nacho_Z821d ago

Vanquish for me too, totally bonkers and spectacular set pieces but it had really good core gameplay too. One of the best games I ever played actually in the action genre.

Platformgamer821d ago

metal gear rising revengeance is the best game they did... it is also the best MGS game imho.

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The story is too old to be commented.