WorthPlaying: Major League Baseball 2K9 Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "Erick Boenisch and Jonathan Rivera from the MLB 2K9 development team took some time this past Friday to introduce their forthcoming Major League Baseball title. As they made clear this year upon the return of Take 2 Interactive's MLB license to sports-gaming veteran Visual Concepts, the title is all about new players. That's not rookie minor league players they're referring to, but baseball and video game enthusiasts alike who've yet to get into a baseball simulation. Excessive complexity has long been the most miserable side effect of improvements in sports gaming, and baseball has arguably been the victim hardest hit by this phenomenon. Especially with fine-grained control of pitching and batting, both avid video gamers and casual players have been, as gameplay producer unequivocally states, "punished" for the most trivial mistakes. Reaching swings and fat meatballs have often ruined a baseball gaming session, which, in today's standard of audio and graphics mimicking big TV presentations, could otherwise have been almost flawless hours of pure fun."

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