Manhunt 2 rips off testicles

The first razor sharp shards of info on Rockstar's recently announced PS2, PSP and Wii murder mosh, Manhunt 2, have been unsheathed in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine. And the descriptions of some of the game's bound-for-infamy kills make for pretty gruesome reading.

The harshest syringe kill, for example, involves Daniel Lamb, Manhunt 2's chief murderiser, kicking an enemy to the ground and stamping on him before thrusting the lengthy needle into his foe's eye. What an eyesore. But by far the most unholy sounding defilement mentioned has to be this ill little puppy: "Later in the game, a member of The Project has both his plums and a pair of vertebrae removed with a pair of pliers." It's absolutely bloody nuts...

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Pugovitz4245d ago

Anyone think it's funny there's already more info about Manhut 2 than there is for GTA4. pinche Rockstar.

cuco334245d ago

just imagine... how few years back people swore a scene like this in a video game would never be played on a nintendo product


Whoooop4245d ago

if it came with hand-controller feedback that grabs your [email protected] at the sametime with 50 pounds of force.. :P

Havince4245d ago

that sounds brutal. this game is gonna get some serious stick when press get hold of it. im still gutted it wont appear on 360. However i do own a psp so not all is lost

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