Face-Off: Street Fighter IV

Eurogamer's Face-Off coverage continues at a brisk pace, with an in-depth look at Capcom's first 10/10 game in some time: the ultra-playable, supremely rewarding, and utterly irresistible Street Fighter IV. There's the usual in-depth technical analysis, precision h.264 comparison movies and, of course, the requisite lossless 24-bit RGB screenshots gallery.

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donnie-21054628d ago

why oh why can devs not get equal performance out of the ps3.i own both consoles and prefer to start buying my multi plats on the ps3 due to non sratching blu rays and reliable hardware but on most games i cant because of the better 360 performance.the ps3 is defo capable of the best console graphics ever seen and killzone uncharted pisses on any 360 game which i did not believe till i bought a ps3 last year and was amazed at uncharted must come down to sonys lack of support to devs and microsofts dev freindly approach,i do not remember a console generation where the exclusives were far better graphically on one platform while the multis could be quite a bit worse certainly the first xbox beat the ps2 on both counts.if devs as large as capcom cant get it right after 2 years this looks like it will be the case till the next gen.thank god for all of sonys brilliant new ips to show of what its black box can really do.

donnie-21054628d ago

i forgot if sony added a microphone to every ps3 box the psn would equal live.surely a non blue tooth headset like the 360s would add a lot to psn and create communitys round the games rather than the silence greeting new users at the moment.another reason to buy multis on the microsoft console

ReBurn4628d ago

I bought the 360 version, but only because I already have two controllers for my 360.