New LAIR Details

Check out some of the latest Lair details. Some pretty impressive stuff will be happening with this game.

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weekapaugh5262d ago

easily the greatest avatar ever...

Keyser5262d ago

If I could speak I would second that...

TheMART5262d ago (Edited 5262d ago )

"Posted on 12 Feb 2007 by skulpt"

Are you going on a repost of all the news from february dude?


Deepbrown, you are remembering all the posts made on this site? pfew... But still. If it wasn't posted, it's old

techie5262d ago

It hasn't been posted on this site

techie5262d ago (Edited 5262d ago )

Never seen that screen before either...maybe you can add that to attached images. How come we haven't seen all of this even though it is from Feb 12th...there is some new info about the motion controlling there, so it is NOT old news.

They seemed to have really homed in on the motion sensing...sweet

Bill Nye - haha well you can tell I wasn't around when they first announced the game.

Bill Nye5262d ago

That screenshot is actually one of the first to be released for this game.

5262d ago
techie5262d ago

Randy from southpark!? I was not! That was self image I made of myself in the style of Southpark. It actually looked like me...Anyway I am now David Bowie.

The great 15262d ago

But i think i'm the first, this game looks awesome and it's in 1080p, yeah!

sandip7875262d ago

completely amazing. wow

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The story is too old to be commented.