Further Proof that Mass Effect 2 is Headed to PS3?

About a month ago, Second Story Gamer told you about the whispers we heard of the Mass Effect trilogy heading to Sony's console. Now it seems Bioware is implying the same thing.

The most interesting thing about the first trailer of Mass Effect 2 was the information it didn't give. The trailer doesn't say what platform the game will be releasing on, implying that Bioware has chosen a multiplatform path.

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pwnsause3525d ago

worst kept secret in gaming since Tekken 6 going multi-platform?

fishd3525d ago

This will be a timed exclusive...

La Chance3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

I wish Bioware or EA could just say something and put an end to the suspense...

@hydrolex below : If I only had a Wii and I had to choose between Mass Effect 2 and Killzone 2 I would go for Mass effect.

Mass Effect is a way deeper game than Killzone or any other shooter out there.

Its a unique experience , shooters like Killzone or Gears are great fun but rpgs like Mass effect are something special.

Cant wait to see the disagrees rolling in....

Hydrolex3525d ago

killzone 2 Multiplat
Mass Effect 2 multiplat

what if this happens ? would u be mad or happy ?

Aclay3525d ago

"like ace combat 6
-nai- "

Where not talking about Namco, we are talking about freakin' EA, one of the biggest 3rd party multiplatform publishers there is.

There's been some exclusives from Namco on both the PS3 (Ridge Racer 7, Time Crisis 4) and 360 ( Ace Combat 6, Tales of Vesperia), but EA is pretty much the poster child for Multiplatform in Gaming.

Why dis3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Could be a way of the parties involved want to surprise one way or the other that could mean its being kept secret because of an PS3 version or that MSFT wants to keep parties involved under wraps for marketing hype lol.

I like to see ME2 on the PS3 the series would have to be downgraded for that.

If this does come to PS3 I'm getting the 360 version the PS3 version will be a joke based on the way this game uses textures and ram.


NaiNaiNai3525d ago

T_T i was talking about the time-release, everyone used that same excuse when Ace combat 6 came out, along with that poor excuse on several other games that went to the 360 and never went to ps3.

PotNoodle3525d ago

Hydrolex, killzone 2 would never go multiplatform due to the simple fact it is made by one of sony's studios.

If mass effect was made by microsoft then no one would be asking if it was going multiplatform.

A better comparison is MGS4 and Mass effect.

tuneraider3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

KZ2 on 360s wouldn't even be possible. Unless they grew 8 SPUs overnight.


I stand corrected. The above statement should read:

"KZ2 on 360s wouldn't even be possible. Unless they grew

1 PPE (Power Processor Element)
* 3.2Ghz
* 64 bit, Big Endian
* 2 threads (can run at same time)
* L1 cache: 32kB data + 32kB instruction
* L2 cache: 512kB
* Memory bus width: 64bit (serial)
* VMX (Altivec) instruction set support
* Full IEEE-754 compliant

8 SPE (Synergistic Processing Element)
* 3.2Ghz
* 64 bit, Big Endian
* 1 SPE disabled to improve chip yield
* 1 SPE dedicated for hypervisor security
* 256kB local store per SPE
* 128 registers per SPE
* Dual Issue (Each SPE can execute 2 instructions per clock)
* IEEE-754 compliant in double precision (single precision round-towards-zero instead of round-towards-even)


(from ml#PlayStation_3_Hardware)

Charmers3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

That's odd because last time I checked the PS3 doesn't have 8 spu's. It has 1 PPE, 6 SPE's that developers can use, 1 locked off to the hypervisor and 1 locked off for manufacturing reasons. So really the PS3 only has 1 PPE and 6 available SPE's

drewdrakes3525d ago

tuneraider - You clearly dont know about hardware, so I wouldnt make statements like that.

Charmers - I believe the HyperVisor is only active if a Linux OS is operating (Why would they block the RSX for PS3 games?). I think its dedicated to the PS3 OS.

cayal3525d ago


Probably because Square-Enix confirmed it was staying PS3 exclusive when they announced FF13 going to the 360.

There has been nothing since to make anyone believe otherwise.

SevWolf3525d ago

I know i and many other people have put this link up, but this is so true, it like just sums everything up.

Responding to a post on the 2K forums about the rumor, an official moderator had this to say:
"Please don't tell me you made an account just for this question ... There will be no PS3 version of BioShock. It has been explained time and time again."

DX F3NIX3525d ago

Why Dis needs to shut the phuck up beeyotch you don't know jack about games B

pwnsause3525d ago

Ace Combat 6= Namco Bandai

Mass Effect= EA

Im pretty certain EA forced bioware to bring it to PS3.

phosphor1123525d ago

I hope ME2 will be a lot better. I mean, while ME was a great felt rushed. Horrible frame rate, bad glitches, and a disgusting couple vehicle segments. Take those out, and it would shine shine shine. Also, I've been wanting a new KOTOR from not talking about that MMO that people keep talkin about. I want a Single player KOTOR..that was an experience to remember.

Oh yeah, also, the first time I played ME, and I saw the grain filter...I looked so disgusting and it hurt my eyes..then I found out you can turn it off xD. I hope they just keep that out all together..they shouldn't worry about post processing like a film grain...and just get a nice frame rate instead.

morganfell3525d ago

Bioware is owned by EA. EA needs money. By the time ME2 launches there will be over 25 million PS3s. They could easily sell 2 million copies on the PS3. Since EA receives the cut for publisher, dev, and IP holder, that is over $40 per sell. That is in excess of $80 million. You can keep denying this will be multiplatform and you can keep dreaming the 360 can hold on to ME2. It can't. You can bet MS isn't going to pony up the cash when they are slashing and burning every asset they have.

SWORDF1SH3525d ago

Enough of the fanboy news and fanboys on N4G.
Gaming journalist have got out of hand and its spreading to the gamers.
Be a real gamer and stop with the hate for rival console.
Both consoles are here to stay so get over it.
Make N4G a gaming site once again and MESSAGE ME to add you to the list to show that you support this message and spread this message.
Go on. Say something nice about your rival console.
People that support it:
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La Chance
I see a few fanboy comments on here. WHY DIS maybe you should just relax and accept that the PS3 is as good as the 360. And you TUNE RAIDER should relax and enjoy you PS3 instead of feeling the neEd to defend it. Theres a lot of fanboy comment on here. Can everybody just chill and agree that 360 and PS3 are equal machines.

Legion3525d ago

So no logo means it is multiplatform? I clicked on the next youtube file for the original Mass Effect Theatrical trailor and it didn't have a console logo on it either.

pumpkinpunker3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

lol of course they won't mention the platform for 2 reasons.

1) it's already confirmed PC/360

2) better to drop a megaton at E3 seeing how so many fanboys are living in dreamland and think it will go PS3 despite no port of the original and the fact that Bioware hasn't even mentioned or hinted at a PS3 release.

Haven't Sony fanboys noticed that MS is much better at playing the fanboy game and keeping secrets than Sony? MS wants one console exclusive from EA then it will happen. MS spent a lot of money on the first one and I don't see EA backstabbing MS like that.


just buy a 360 or gaming PC already.

Legion3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Go to the websight and you will notice all logos of related companies on the bottom. I see XBox, PC, ATI and others... but NO Sony PS3... why is that?



MazzingerZ3524d ago

I think it will be timed exclusive for the X360. The reason why the Trailer doesn't state platform is very simple, Mass Effect is probably the "big bomb" during E3 for Microsoft regarding exclusives

to make it official today would leave them with nothing to announce at E3.

I bet eventually Mass Effect 1+2 will be released as a single game for the PS3 duuring 2010.

Dont BE mAdd3524d ago

can you tell me how all that you listed works for K2..or are you just making yourself look like the joke you really are

Le Idiotce3524d ago

Listen bums. Mass effect 2 is going to be a multi platform game, just like Mass Effect 1, ok.

EA didnt spent 300 million on a company so that it could make 1 game on a single console and maybe sell 1.5 million copies of that game.

Youre just being extremely ignorant and fanboyish if you think thats how businesses are run.

tplarkin73524d ago

The developer at the Mass Effect forum said to keep your game saves from Mass Effect 1. So, the obvious has been confirmed.

The PS3 version is not confirmed in any way.

HairyKnuckles3524d ago

The way everyone defends their consoles here one can be led to think that they own shares. Do you? Do you own shares? Because if you do then I totally understand why you defend your own and "dis" the other. Otherwise I don't get it.

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lord_of_balrogs3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

So not showing a logo on a teaser trailer is considered proof now? And when has Second Story Gamer, a blog, ever been considered credible?

Oh and it is multiplatform but also a console exclusive. 360 and PC.

fishd3525d ago

You really don't want to see this one going multiplat.Why o why?
It gives you nothing but braging better hope that MS let this be a multiplat game and spend the money on some First Party studios,then you'll get Mass effect 2 and another 1st party game.2 games instead of 1.

PixlSheX3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

So why not just put a 360 logo at the end of the trailer? Like all the other games?

edit @below

maybe bioware don't have any experience on PS3, but EA have it.

lord_of_balrogs3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

If you PS fanboys really want Mass Effect invest in a 360 or a PC. If I want a game that's on the PS3 I'll buy one so I can get games such as KZ2, GOW3, and MGS4. And I plan to buy a PS3 to do just that. If you guys so desperately crave our games buy a 360. Plus if Bioware had to make a PS3 port the game would inevitabley get delayed. Unreal Engine 3 + PS3 = months of hard work. Bioware has no prior experience with PS3 architechture, be happy they're learning with Dragon Age Origins.

Yipee Bog3525d ago

will take months of hard work. To be honest Mass Effect on the xbox was choppy, had texture load issues and long loading times in general. That didn't differ me from giving it my game of the year, you know what that means, as long as the game is great and is playable, it will sell and people will like it. I do hope it goes multi so Bioware can rake in as much money as possible so they can push out another one of their stellar games

GarandShooter3525d ago

Yipee, you are correct, and the combat needs refining. And let's not forget the damn elevator rides. Apparently in the future, you can travel from one star system to another nearly instantly, but going up or down one floor takes forever.

The premise and story of the game are enjoyable. The other issues didn't break the game, but certainly detracted from your sense of immersion.

Sheikh Yerbouti3525d ago

How does no release date confirm a 2010 release date?

How does no mention of exclusivity confirm it is coming to PS3?

The video implies NOTHING?

PS3 owners, keep holding your breath. I want this game on the PS3 as much as anyone, but come on...! This ain't even jerking the chain, people.

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she00win993525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

hahahah! you are right, this is too funny, mass effect will never come to ps3 in a million years just like bioshock and dead rising. stup!d ps3 fanboys.........oh wait!

Why dis3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Where is Ace Combat on PS3?

Bioshock was coming to PS3 first lol.

Bioshock was always in development for PS3 on some level hahahaha

Lets just say Bioshock for the PS3 was put on hold not some great change of mind.

she00win993525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

what's ace combat? oh right, i almost forget, its the game that no one played...

GiantEnemyCrab3525d ago

You should watch the bonus disc in the ME Platinum Edition, they have a vidoc on the sequel and based on what they said it does not sound like it's coming to the PS3.

Lou-Cipher3525d ago

Was that video filmed recently or was it made when the game was released in 2007?

cayal3525d ago

Like above, if this was before the Bioware buy out, they don't really have a choice if EA says so.

Aclay3525d ago

@ Crab,

A lot of things have taken place since that video footage was filmed... things like EA acquiring Bioware.

I don't think that EA acquired Bioware just for Bioware to release games only on the PC and 360... and considering the circumstances, I'd say there's a pretty good chance of ME2 coming out on the PS3.

GiantEnemyCrab3525d ago

The video was (c) 2008 so I dunno. Casey looks different now then he did in the other videos but I can't say for sure.

However it was all about building on your first character. Despite Bioware's position now MS own the publishing rights to ME1. Thats the reason the platinum edition is out and there are no EA logos to be found. Doesn't make much sense to pick up right in the middle of the story and since you make so many choices in the first game it might be difficult to do a "previously on Mass Effect".

I will never say never since Bioshock went to PS3 when I thought it wasn't going. My theory is they are going to let MS unveil the game at GDC09 or E3 with a full trailer and announcing it on the 360/PC.

I bought a PS3 for it's exclusives, it's a shame that PS3 people can't do the same BS they preached to me the last couple years and buy a 360 if you want to play this game on a console. Or play it on a nerdbox(PC).

cayal3525d ago

"I bought a PS3 for it's exclusives, it's a shame that PS3 people can't do the same BS they preached to me the last couple years and buy a 360 if you want to play this game on a console."

Don't make ignorant, generalised statements.

meepmoopmeep3525d ago

yeah Crabby,

i bought a 360 to play multiplatform games


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ape0073525d ago

there is a probability