IGN: New Play Control Metroid Prime Hands-On

While US gamers have yet to experience the first of the series in this territory, the "New Play Control" line of Wii games continues to chug along in Japan. The latest addition is Metroid Prime, an update to 2002's GameCube game that brings remote and Nunchuk control as well as widescreen support to the design. Japan has already seen Wii versions of Pikmin, Mario Tennis, Donkey Kong : Jungle Beat, and just this week the company shipped the original Metroid Prime to stores.

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Eiffel3525d ago

The Wii seems to be getting some great titles as of recently

Overkill, Deadspace Extraction, Madworld, Now a new Metroid Prime.

Great to see Nintendo picking up.

xabmol3525d ago

Isn't this what they've been doing since they released the Wii?

mastiffchild3525d ago

While I'm a huge Metroid fan and I can see the sense in the rereleases of Primes 1 and 2(Wii owners won't all have played the start of the trilogy etc, etc) I'd be much happier if there was a real incentive for us veterans to pick the games up a second time.

Insurprisingly I'm back, again, on my "wah, why no online MP for MP" soapbox but wouldn't a box set including both 1 and 2 AND online MP be a much better purchase than just a remake with Wii controls. It was odd after Hunters relative success that MP3 didn't have ANY mp at all and there's a real chance to remedy that problem but so far Nintendo have done nothing despite LOADS of fans wanting this. Surely it'd boost the sales hugely esp in the west, no?

ChickeyCantor3525d ago

I'm glad Nintendo did this, i noticed that many havn't played it yet.
And Prime 1 with IR support = pure bliss.

Prime 1 is to me still the best one from all 3.

KrazyFace3525d ago

I've been searching for titles that I'd missed out on because I left the Game Cube be way back when. Unfortunately, I got this (metroid) and the other one yonks ago, and just changing the control method isn't enough to make me re-visit. HOWEVER, I think this is a good thing for those that missed them the first time around. I'm with you mastiffchild, a few extras would be nice.

N4g_null3524d ago

Yes this would be a great time to give metroid prime hunters a try on the Wii. Put it in there as a throw-away game... most online shooter only need good shooting control yet metriod prime is the close you can get to Quake 3 online play since you can jump and shoot at the same time. With out that you have another COD. Seriously If they let me be the ice man like pirate from prime I guarantee crazy sales! Hell they could even make special quake like maps.

Well If retro does not do this I'm sure some smart person will. WINK WINK-