IT Avisen: Halo Wars Review

Many have tried. We've even played original Command & Conquer for the first PlayStation, because we could not afford a PC. Since that time it has happened: The more recent strategy titles for EA, for example, has consistently been given out in the console versions (Senese Red Alert 3), and Ubisoft invested largely in last year's EndWar, which included the innovative voice that actually worked. None of these titles, however, was entirely satisfactory, for various reasons (mainly control issues). We also have advice for the PC since that time.

Nevertheless, Microsoft has not given up. . The company has taken its biggest spillserie, and given the most respected strategy studio in his stall (now defunct Ensemble Studios) the task of designing a "prequel" to the Halo trilogy. This was not a project that could damage it. Too much was at stake.

And actually, they have succeeded. Halo Wars was a solid piece of strategy. We thought we would never say it, but the genre can work on the console.

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Another 360 game comes up short