Interview: Killzone 2 - tech & engine (part one)

The Dutch website has done an interview with the Technical Director (Michiel van der Leeuw) of Killzone 2. In the interview he talks about more aspects around the engine, the use of the cores within the PlayStation 3 and the possibility of Killzone 2 on other platforms.

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MrJack3531d ago

But the translation is woeful.

Syphled3531d ago

I'm sorry for the bad translation, i don't have a better option.

Rehabinum3531d ago

Google translates it. Blame google for making a crappy translation programme ^^

Good interview btw!! Enjoyed the reading.

KaDa3531d ago

It's a shame that google doesn't translate it very well, but I understand the most of it.

Very good interview though, good questions.

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