Game Wars - Prototype Vs. Infamous

Everyone always talk about the console wars but game wars are where it actually is at. Infamous and Prototype; they are two games that I would constantly confuse with each other on their earlier states. Both seem to deliver such similar specs in terms of action game play, game length, scale, and much more.

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Shaka2K63527d ago

Award winning Sucker Punch only makes Epic AAA games > Radical Entertainment nobody knows of cares about this guys Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa aaaaaaaa!!!

cryymoar3527d ago

looks REALLY good. It looks to bring superhero games to a whole new level, the way you can go vertical and grab only almost any edge, and climb and jump and shoot your electricity.

Cajun Chicken3527d ago


Timberland2K93527d ago

Im gonna go with Infamous because im sick of developers making multiplatform games on 360 then porting to ps3. thats why im going with infamous. Also it looks great.

Don't get me wrong prototype looks freakin awesome

butterfinger3527d ago

I've been more excited about inFamous for a while now after prototype had to have such a huge delay due to it's apparent low quality at the time. I'll be snagging inFamous day one, and if Prototype reviews well or a friend strongly supports it, I'll have no problem picking it up as well.

jwatt3527d ago

They both look great, Prototype looks to have the non stop action where you can get around faster while the boss battles and the climbing mechanics in Infamous look very good.

Danja3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

but Prototype looks very cool also..I hope the game is good..the gameplay mechanics sounds pretty cool especially the part about consuming ur opponent after killing them...


atleast give the game a rent ....these guys make great and enjoyable games...

thats like saying you wouldn't buy RFOM bcuz they didn't make R&C

Bnet3433527d ago

I have a PS3 but I will not get Infamous. They should of made another Sly Cooper.

gambare3527d ago

I have a PS3 and I will get both :D

Rock Bottom3527d ago

He said "Both seem to deliver such similar specs in terms of action game play, game length, scale, and much more."

He knows about Infamous length, scale and gameplay?

Did they sent out review codes, or is this whole topic based on what he think will be the length, scale and gameplay of Infamous? 'cause that would be retarded.

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chasegamez23527d ago

Infamous for me
ps3 exclusive games always seem better

Prototype looks like GTA4 graphic

Venomish3527d ago

as much as I want the ps3 exclusive to be the better one, I still think that prototype looks much much better.
i'll probably get none of those though :P :P
street fighter iv and CoD WaW are all I need now

SuperM3527d ago

When you say looks better i persume you dont mean the graphics. Because Infamous looks way ahead of prototype in terms of graphics. One of the things i dont like about prototype is that the graphics look very bland. It has improved abit and its not as bad as it was before but infamous still looks way better.

In terms of gameplay i think prototype and infamous are very different. Prototype use a lock on system for combat, while infamous plays more like a shooter where you have to aim. And there is also a cover system in infamous where you can use everything you climb on as cover. Infamous gameplay appeals more to me as it plays more like a third person shooter with an awesome coversystem. It also seems more skill oriented.

Besides i trust Sucker Punch way more then i trust Radical

TheColbertinator3527d ago

Not exactly.Infamous is more focused on superhero/anti-hero themes.Prototype looks like its mainly focused on kicking ass.Either way I look forward to both but I 'm wondering why Infamous has no music

Cajun Chicken3527d ago

AHA! Somebody else noticed that lack of ambient sound and music in Infamous.
Hope thats sorted, personally.

3sq3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

MGS4 has no music while playing (It has music only when alert, ipod, bosses and cutscenes). KZ2 doesn't have music while playing. RE5 no music while playing (Same here only music in alert mode). So what's your point exactly?

Cajun Chicken3527d ago

The videos of Infamous that were up here a few weeks back (from IGN) had no traffic sounds (no sirens), no footstep sounds and on the whole no ambient sound. The only sounds in the videos were the ones that Cole made, not very immersive for a city, you need that kind of sound to believe in a world being real.
Still that was footage of an early build.

3sq3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Have you been living under a rock? Here's your sounds.

Edit: Speaking of real world, in case u don't know. The city is under some kinda quarantine. I doubt anyone in the city can live a normal life like real world. And with all the kind of superpowers. I don't see how this can fit into a real world.

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Chris Hansen3527d ago

Why do you people keep approving these poorly written articles from

RememberThe3573527d ago

Because they start interesting discussions?