Warhawak/PS3 Controller: Nothing New

In its second video Podcast, PlayStation Magazine shows that tilt sensitive controllers can peacefully co-exist with vibration.


DC RID3R6186d ago

instead of concentrating on irrelevant technology that will never become mainstream(blue-ray,hdmi 1.3), sony should focus on giving us gamers what we really want, a GREAT console, and some GREAT games.To me they seem like they're taking a step backwards!!

TheMART6185d ago

Haha this footage looks like the E3 2006 Sony show! And it's PS1 and PS2 with a controller from '99

Funny guys @ fony

Joe Schmoe6185d ago

I have said this since the beggining. As soon as Sony said no vibration on the controller and that it was because of the sensor for the new functunality and not a lawsuit with Immersion. I threw out the Bullsh!t card and started foaming out the mouth. Instead of paying up and keeping its fan base happy the try to bullsh!t us. I am a big fan of playstation but that doesnt make me retarded sony. Stop with the Bullsh!t and start giving it to us straight or ps4 will be doomed. Screw me once shame on you screw me twice shame on me meaning I will buy the ps3 but if i get screwed you will see me go the way of the xbox 720 in 5 years. You think about that!

TheMART6185d ago

I would just leave the PSZero already because they already screwed everyone with the PS2 that killed the great Dreamcast and was less powerfull then the XBOX. Not to speak about it's horrible DVD-Drive quality. Many of my friends have a PS2 with a broken drive.

So take a 360 now and leave that 600 million dollar loosing company in only one quarter of a year. Every wise mouse would run of this sinking ship that's called TiSonyTanic

The Real Deal6185d ago

We all loved the original Sony Playstation. We all got screwed with the ps2. It wasn't what they promised. Toy story ingame graphics, 10 times more powerful than a computer. We all fell for it and bought one. It was barely better than Dreamcast and xbox was much better in every aspect. But get a 360. I promise will be a very very happy gamer. You don't have to get screwed twice. Save yourself the agony. Be smart this time around. We all got fooled with ps2. We all Loved the playstation. We are all gamers. Some of us just got smart faster than some of the lagging sony fans that will learn the hard way. And loose 600 plus dollars in the process.

Aristotle6185d ago (Edited 6185d ago )

The fact that Warhawk(1995)didn't even support rumble makes this guy look even more stupid.

Scythesean6185d ago

I sware if he said that one more time I was going to strangle him with that controller's wire. You Know? You Know? God just count how many times he says it, he sounds so stupid as the video progresses.

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