Sony Says Killzone 2 Only Possible On PS3, But Is It True?

PS3's cell processor is the meat of the power and now that Guerrilla Games has tapped into it other developers are gearing up to utilize this power as well and starting this year you will see the true power of ps3 surpass 360 in terms of graphical power.

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sonarus3579d ago

Who cares its a sony owned franchise so it isn't possible on 360 regardless

Pandemic3579d ago

Even if they did bring it to the Xbox 360, the console itself would just explode..


iamtehpwn3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Cell Processor in itself is powerful enough to operate as it's own GPU. Cell can do a very good software render. AI and physics alone can't cap Cell, so you can literally use some of the SPU's to render, and do lighting calculations.

This is what Killzone 2 did, and it's very successful

Image an RPG where their isn't as much action on the screen with an Engine designed liked Killzone 2. The game would literally be on par with CGI.

pswi603579d ago

more amazing urinalism from HHG.

yes, because it's not on PC, Xbox, or Wii, nor will it ever be, so whether it's technically, figuratively, or literally only on ps3, the answer is:

only on PS3

chrisnick3579d ago

25gb = 3-4 dvds.....that would cost too much money. not to mention the cell. the ps3 can do calculations like a beast.

Pootie Tang3579d ago


Awesome video lol

ThanatosDMC3579d ago

Well, no duh it's only possible on the PS3! They need to ask Guerrilla and Sony before they could port it anywhere else.

N4360G3579d ago

LOL of course Killzone 2 is only possible on the PS3,Killzone 2 is only 8 days away,I can't wait!!

Bnet3433579d ago

False, it's possible on PC.

japanese_dawn3579d ago

X360 fanboys can't stand the face KZ2 blows everything out of the way on their sacred system. Funny... very...

GeoW 2 has better grfx? LOL. I can't even comprehend to see anymore of those false lightning effects, it's like their main goal is to blind you to death. Very sad... Grow up kids.

Kushan3579d ago

"I can't even comprehend to see anymore of those false lightning effects"

Unless it's realtime ray-traced, it's all "false" lighting.

SL1M DADDY3579d ago

Heck, from the developers, they have been saying that the game alone will produce up to 350 light sources at any given time. Last I checked, that was not possible with the 360 due to some bandwidth issues between the memory and GPU. I'm no techy but having heard many other techy folks talk about it, the same verbiage always comes up and that is that the 360 has a powerful GPU but very little bandwidth tp perform the tasks it might otherwise be capable of.

himdeel3579d ago

...and I'm going a bit off topic with it, but an RPG using GG engine would be damn near CGI quality if done right. Now that would truly be something to behold.

The Lazy One3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

how you can write so much, and not even improve marginally in writing quality................

to his credit, there are less grammar and spelling errors, but this whole article lacks focus and flow. the paragraphs hardly make any sense as a whole body of work.

edit: to show my point I will make a one sentence summary of each paragraph.

-Killzone 2 is awesome, and it looks awesome, and here's a quote from a sony rep saying how awesome it looks.
-The cell is powerful, and it makes the graphics great, but graphics aren't everything, and killzone 2 will need good gameplay to be any good, but that's fine in this case because killzone 2 has awesome gameplay.
-There are a bunch of sweet games coming for PS3, and microsoft might have sweet games coming, but sony is awesome and will surpass microsoft in game/service quality (wat?)
- KZ2 is only possible on a PS3, because, without analyzing the actual tech behind KZ2, I assume it fills a blu-ray, since it's demo was 1.2GB (which is right around the standard size for demos on either system).


3579d ago
majorsuave3579d ago

"Considering that a 1.2 GB download (DEMO) only gave us 10 minutes of gameplay"

Lol, that's basically all demos these days.

Lifendz3579d ago

but I know that I'm uber hyped for the game. Bubbles for anyone that's excited for KZ2!

BiG_LU3579d ago

if you don't think so take a look at this and let me know what you think, ight?

edgeofblade3579d ago

Bullsh*t. Anyone who believes Blu-ray is necessary is WAY off the mark. Most high fidelity rendering techniques today are accomplished not with huge textures, but with procedural mapping. Those algorithms take a minuscule fraction of the size of the textures, by comparison. But without those mapping techniques, the game would look awful.

No, most of the Blu-ray is filled with so-called "uncompressed" audio... which is technically impossible in digital data where quantization iss a form of compression. Uncompressed audio is someone standing next to you with a suite of sound effect props making sounds directly in your ear.

And before you start, there is NOTHING you can disagree with in this post.

DaTruth3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

There's NOTHING I can agree with in your post!

pain777pas3578d ago

The 360 can't even handle Gears and Me flawlessly. Enough with this crap. Killzone 2 is the first next gen looking game to me.

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SonySoldierEternaL3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

yes, it's true

only possible on PS3®

Shaka2K63579d ago

It also proves Sony PS3 is 100 times more powerfull then XFlop 1.5.

Cell 10 times more powerfull then all the 3 lame cores in the Xflop.

RSX with 550mhx faster and more powerfull then the stupid joke xenos with only 400mhs speed LMAO.

512mb of dedicated ram that outruns and destroys the lame 258mb on the Xflop.

Blu-ray with 50+GB off data per disk pretty much kills the last gen. dvd.

All fact, was any doubt Sony PS3 destroys the lastgen.Box 3rd60 in all places.

1ikedamaster3579d ago

*Notice only exclusive titles. More Sony BS = Fail?

M337ING3579d ago

Wow, an actual, well thought-out blog post on HHG? I'm impressed...

lokiroo4203579d ago

The site has been hit and miss as of late, but a good read right here.

Nonsense 4 Gamers3579d ago

I think you mean "hit OR miss"

360degrees3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

however saying that it is "Only possible" on the ps3 is a joke and we all know it. With all of its money, effort, and most of all TIME, any game can be just as "pretty" as this one. It is comparable to Alan Wake being "only possible" on the Xbox360 Video Gaming Console, which has taken just as long to develop, but will undoubtedly graphically surpass even the great KZ2 when released.

sonarus3579d ago

Lol. In that case Alan wake and Conviction better blow us away

kurochi3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

ha ha ha ha ha ha

I'm sorry to laugh in your face.......

ha ha ha ha ha ha

That's one of the funniest comment that I've read here in awhile. For that, I'll give you a bubble......

ha ha ha ha ha ha

lokiroo4203579d ago

Back peddling into a game that has not even been seen on pc let alone a 360. You have to bring it a little harder than that.

Up In Smoke3579d ago

Read the other article on the website where HyDRo talks about Gabe Newell taking another shot at PS3. DRo mainly is saying that Gabe has a crystal ball that lets him see into the future because he basically says the PS3 already lost. I guess you live with him or something because you can see into that ball too, I mean, you said Alan Wake will look better. You have no way of knowing this unless you could see into the future. The reason why it only is possible on the PS3 is because it wouldn't fit on a regular DVD Dual nor Multilayer unless compressed or on Multiple Disks; Alan Wake though would be possible on a PS3. Anyhow, Too Human was in development for 10 years wasn't it? look how that turned out. Doesn't matter the time they take unless they get it right.

3579d ago
Trebius3579d ago

I dont usually respond to obvious fanboy drivel like you've just spewed out of your mouth...

But it's pretty ridiculous to say Alan Wake will surpass KZ2 or anything else graphics wise when you havent even had a glimpse. The promises have been made, lets just hope it lives up to your expectations.

I for one would love for Alan wake to just be a good game, dont care if it's a graphical powerhouse, long as it plays well and is comparable to Max Payne, one of my favorite series ever.

But in point...

You're delusional.

hetz153579d ago

Alan is still don't disturb him

3579d ago
DaTruth3579d ago

Alan Wake should look awesome, from what I've seen, it's just one guy walking around a stagnant environment.


um im pretty sure Sony has been telling the truth about there console, they havent dissappointed me yet, everything they promised is being delivered you just have to be patient but you dont know what that is because your 10 and you own a 360 still lol

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