NZGamer Killzone 2: Interview With Guerrilla

NZGamer writes:

"Interview with Steven Ter Heide and Eric Boltjes from Guerrilla.

Guerrilla Games' Steven Ter Heide and Eric Boltjes are remarkably honest men. To have an interview with them quickly turns into an exercise in professional restraint; one feels they would answer any question on any topic with assured, articulate integrity. The quality shouldn't surprise me, but it does, for these two are the respective Senior Producer and Senior Online Designer of PlayStation 3's critical darling, Killzone 2. As I write this, the game is teetering on the edge of its commercial release, an inevitable explosion of success that will give Guerrilla Games a rockstar status reserved for only the youngest, coolest 'dev teams' (Bungie and Insomniac, I'm looking at you, bad boys)."

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nomad1173528d ago

"Eric Boltjes: Definitely. You try not to get involved, especially in forums; you don’t want to fuel the fire. But we do read a lot of the different comments, what the buzz is, what people think. After the 2005 trailer, it was tricky because a lot of people started laying into it, like ‘it can’t be real, they’ll never be able to do that’ – and it wasn’t real, obviously. But it did motivate us to really show them that we can make a kick ass game and prove them wrong."

WeaseL3528d ago

"A guy came into the warehouse in the opening level, and a couple of Helghast came at him. He took cover and shot one of them. Now we’d made this system where part of a Helghast hit response was when he dies, sometimes, if he was planning to fire his weapon and got shot, he’ll still fire it while he’s dying. And dependent on where you hit him, he’ll fire in whatever direction his rag-doll will fall. And this happened to this particular Helghast. He kept firing, but he fired into an explosive barrel next to him, and there were three Helghast coming up behind him, and the explosion killed his buddies. You’re standing there thinking: ‘did that just happen?’ I’d never seen that before in the game."