PSP and DSi Feature Comparison

PSP World Writes:

"When the Nintendo DSi launches in the United States on April 5th, it will come with a hefty price tag of $170. Perceptive consumers will notice that this puts the Nintendo handheld at exactly the same price point as the PSP 3000 core pack, which currently retails for $169.99 in the United States. Excitement for the DS successor couldn't be any higher as we wait for it to arrive, but does the DSi offer value at its current price? To find out, we compare the features in both the Sony PSP 3000 and Nintendo DSi right out of the box."

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clinker3623d ago

$170 is definitely a ripoff for the DSi, at least until it gets some actual software and we can see whether it is a worthwhile upgrade. My DS Lite plays games perfectly and that's all I want it for.

If I want to play around with snapshots I can do it in much higher resolution on my PC.

ThanatosDMC3623d ago

Didnt they do this comparison a long time ago when it was announced in Japan?

BrunoM3623d ago

Yes they did but GAMING journalists like to hit on dead birds !

FarEastOrient3623d ago

They should have considered the region the PSP and DSi is coming from...

For example the PSP is Japan has a camera attachment, while in Europe it comes with a GPS Locater and acts as a controller for the PS3 DVR functions they have on PlayTV.

Also in the United States you can install the Google Android OS unto the PSP, you have to tweak the way it process data, an easy tweak.

nikola9873623d ago

Includes (2) 0.3 Megapixel VGA Cameras
256MB Internal Flash Memory - Samsung kmapf0000m-S998 MOVI NAND - MMC Interface
128Mbit RAM - NEC uPD 46128512AF1 - DDR RAM with SRAM interface, less for ARM to do
(2) 3.25 Inch Displays
Backwards compatible with Nintendo DS games but not GBA games as the lack of a gameboy cartridge port.
ARM11 cpu (319-512 mhz)
PAIC3000D Sound Chip - possibly a TI codecs: AIC3 ????
Mitsumi (MM3317A) - Power supply and charger circuit ????

Is it really true that new DSi is running at 512MHz? That is faster than Gamecube (485 MHz) :S

gumgum993623d ago

Its actually running on a 133Mhz ARM 11 processor.

or so I've heard

n4f3623d ago

I just want to play f*cking game

farhsa20083623d ago

it dont matter one bit, when it comes to features and power the psp has it beat hands down

infamous_273623d ago

Oh no! This PSP website has fallen to the dark side.

clinker3623d ago

yeah, but at the very end the article they say that the DSi isn't worth the price.

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