IGN: Unreal Tournament III: Titan Pack Preview

With the release of the Unreal Tournament 3 expansion just a few weeks away, we thought it was high time we headed out to Epic to try out the game for ourselves. This free-to-download expansion brings a lot of new stuff to the game -- 19 maps, two new game types, and plenty of new toys to play with across the entire Unreal arsenal -- and Epic's lead designer and lead programmer Steve Polge was there to help us uncover it all.

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thereapersson3529d ago

Many of the maps present in the 360 version, plus the split-screen option and a whole new pack altogether -- and this is a FREE upgrade for the PSN and PC.

Go Epic! Way to support the game series that brought you to where you are today. Gears of War may be highly predominant this gen, but Unreal Tournament is pretty much the backbone of the whole company when you look at their lineage.

Cajun Chicken3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I love the Unreal series, especially UT (I even loved Unreal Championship 2!). Just don't mention Unreal 2.
Can't wait for Epic to focus on Unreal more in the future, I don't like what they do with Gears TBH. Just not my thing, bit of a downgrade of what they can do in my view.
Most people who 'wow' Gears probably never had the fortune to play a Epic game before due to most being on PC.

They still need the Sim Mode back, I loved managing, trading and selling players and the ladder would be good too.

thereapersson3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I agree Cajun, and furthermore, coming from someone who has gamed on PC's quite extensively and has amassed a great number of hours into the original Unreal Tournament (UT '99), it's sad to see people write it off like they do.

To me, Gears does for TPS games on consoles what Halo does for FPS games on consoles: neither really stand up to anything that a PC can offer, but since consoles are mainstream enough, people think they're the be-all end-all of gaming.

I'm just happy that Epic has put so much love into the console version of the game, when you can easily say that they don't really have to.

Cajun Chicken3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Yeah, this massive update coming in the next month has really made me respect Epic again.

Still don't like Cliffy B though and I think that MDK, Giants and Armed and Dangerous are far better third person shooters, jeez, I hope Planet Moon return to make TPSs those guys are the KINGS of TPS.

Put it this way, and MDK game with optional duck and cover mechanics could be freaking awesome.

thereapersson3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I think the problem here, is a lot of people started gaming just recently, hence the n00b-mentality of many console gamers.

I weep for gaming when the PC as a platform gets bashed, when you would think by now that people should realize it's the most versatile. Sure, it might not have the easy "game and go" capability of consoles, but there have been many influential game series throughout the decades that have originated on the PC.

Hell, FPS games wouldn't be where they are today if it wasn't for DooM and Wolfenstein; also, one of the best FPS games of '07 (Bioshock), was from a developer that got its roots with PC development.

Anyway, I can't wait for this (let me reiterate it again, lol) FREE update. Currently Criterion holds the standard for what DLC should be, but with this update, Epic sure is doing themselves a favor.

BTW, MDK was AWESOME. It's a shame I never got to play the sequel though...

Kleptic3529d ago

I too mostly played fps games on PC...while I enjoyed countless hours of goldeneye and halo 1 on local multiplayer with friends...most of my gaming time was spent playing UT, Quake I/II/III, RTCW, etc. on PC...

this is the first generation where I have no desire to even own a gaming PC anymore...mostly because of how well both systems handle online support (especially the PSN with its UGC support and dedicated servers...effectively making it just like PC gaming)...

I had fun with UT3 when it released for the PS3...but the mic support was confusing, and it was difficult to find friends to play the game with...nearly everyone was busy with CoD 4 at that point, me included...I always felt guilty, as I love the franchise, but I simply didn't spend enough time with this game...

this pack will completely re-arrange that...I have 100% retired from CoD 4 with the release of killzone 2...but would love to get a completely different style fps in there at times too...with trophy support and the added split-screen now, it will be a much better alternative for when friends come over...

and UT3 imo is still UE3 at its finest...people can easily argue that Gears 2 is the best looking UE3 game so far...which may be true...but I think the engine is much more appealing in a break neck fast first person shooter...where you don't notice the shortcomings of the engine as much, such as the UT3 it has all the texture detail and great character models, at insane speed with no slow down...and it looks every bit as good as both gears 1 or gears 2...if you aren't tired of super wet everything...UT3 will still be one of the better looking titles of this generation...

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Rich16313529d ago

Yay! PS3 trophies and splitscreen. WAY TO GO EPIC!!!!!!!!

Cynical-Gamerzus3529d ago

Im very happy about this ,I was about to consider trading the game in but now me and a friend can now play some Split screen mayhem and enjoy the mods as well!!
Way to Go Epic!!!!
NOW Were's our PS3 Cell/.RSX Exclusive !!!
Give us OUR UNreal 3 sequel to Aweakening!!!
Make this exclusive to BLuray and make the Cell/RSX Sweat its ass off!!!

brycespitler3529d ago

i trophies for ut3

i have a reason to dust off my copy and put it in

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