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Give Feedback on Modern Warfare via Twitter

"This is a fairly unique social media experiment in terms of using it to solicit feedback for game design", community man Fourzerotwo said of the app. "So any comments, suggestions, or feedback on how to make the #MW2 app even better is always appreciated."

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Remove CoD4 from related games. Add Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
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Remove Call of Duty 4 from related games.
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Take COD4 off the related game. This is about MW2 only.
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manwich255599d ago

After games such as Syphon Filter and more recently the Gears series, I would like to have the ability to stick to cover. What I mean is continue the game in the First person, but when cover is applied the camera would pan out to the third person.

Cwalat5599d ago

why are you typing your requests here ? :P

chaosatom5599d ago

COD4 is all about speed.

What I want is Not to be Kicked out of a game, so many times for no reason.

El_Colombiano5599d ago

If any cover, I hope they use the best matter of handling it. In first person. Although I hope they use dedicated servers now. I mean, come on! We're in the 21st century here! P2P for gaming SUCKS.

qshooterp5599d ago (Edited 5599d ago )

What they really need to add is a 2v2 team death match mode, and to bring back cage match because it is not in waw which is retarted. Really a veteran team death match for more experienced players wtf! REALLY TREYARCH!!! But back to what I want in cod mw2
-custamizable characters like in resistance 2
-actually clans in the game
-take out tanks in mp really who wants them oh yea NOOOOOOOOOBS
-more weapons
-custom online games, you know so you can make sniper only games, or shotgun only, knife only etc.
-dedicated servers, the lag in cod4 is terrible

jaysquared5599d ago (Edited 5599d ago )

Bigger MAPS!!! I love the GRAW series because of its big open maps!! My dream game would have COD4 engine + COD4 controls + GRAW series gameplay + Maps= BEST TACTICAL SHOOTER GAME EVER!


jaysquared5599d ago

Also make a more tactical Search and Destroy game! No Helicopers, Airstrikes and No grenades! Slow the game down a little as well!

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jamesrocks31475599d ago

the normal find a game feature plus

choose what map you want to play,

and be able to play hardcore on every game mode aswel as normal

keep most of the weapons from cod4 ( if not all of them )

add some new weapons also,

more camo for your weapons

silenced sniper rifles would be awesome

new perks " mulitple attachments" - so u can have red dot,silencer , noobtube , grip etc all on your weapon at once

keep the maps and team sizes the same maybe make a game mode what you can have 32 players in.

have all the perks from cod4 obv

when the host leaves the game for god sake make it choose another one so it doesnt end the game ( so annoyying! )

give us some nice cool weapons but keep all from cod4

CoxMulder5599d ago

All those things you list sound more like a patch or DLC instead of a new entry in the COD series.. Perhaps you should keep playing COD4?

I for one would like some innovation..

- destructable environments
- interactive environments
- class-based MP
- verhicles
- better AI
- not be a gun floating around the levels
- online co-op
- enemy variation
- Killzone 2 graphics, sound & production values ;)

jamesrocks31475599d ago

dont just port it from the xbox 360 as you always do its annoyying imagen how good it would be if it was fitted to the ps3's hardware.

and last but not least make it so you can "join" your friends game so they dont have to invite you all the time that would be awesome these features would make the game amazzing even tho cod4 already is

and hopefully sony keeps a good eye on infinity ward make sure the game is awesome for ps3 and PSN

outlawlife5599d ago (Edited 5599d ago )

you do realize that neither was ported before? the games were developed independently of each other there was a 360 team and a ps3 team working at the same time

they even had people from sony come in and help them get the game running the best they could

stop being ridiculous about the systems

TheColbertinator5599d ago

Thank you Outlawlife

bubbles for you

CoxMulder5599d ago

Even tho they were independently developed from each other, they aimed at having both games look identical..

Ditch that retarded way of thinking, and unleash the power of the PS3!!

outlawlife5599d ago

actually they aimed at having the games both run at a consistent 60fps and they got the game to look as good as they could o each platform without frame rate drops or tearing

CoxMulder5599d ago

sure, but they weren't looking at ways to utilize the ps3's hardware capabilities to improve on the actual game-design. Like for example: AI, physics or lighting..

outlawlife5599d ago (Edited 5599d ago )

because all of that stuff is coded into infinity wards [proprietary engine

they aren't going to change the hard code of their engine for a multi-platform game

it makes absolutely no sense

stop with the console war garbage already. the game is multi-platform so a company isn't going to waste extra effort on 1 platform above the other

it is an extreme waste of time and resource

whats next, should they put sony logos on the characters faces to make you happy?

CoxMulder5599d ago

First off, I could do without the fanboyish insults you throw at me..

Second, if they were independently developed, why wouldn't the hard code be different?! Considering the big difference in architecture of both consoles, the engine SHOULD be altered to make good use of both architectures in their respective ways. Goes both ways and makes perfect sense to me..

All I was saying is that developers should let go of the idea that multiplats should look as identical as possible, and utilize each system to its fullest.

outlawlife5599d ago

that would essentially defeat the purpose of a multiplatform game

the point is to deliver the same experience across MULTIPLE platforms

CoxMulder5599d ago

In my opinion the purpose of multi-platform is to deliver a fun franchise to different platforms, and make sure it's a good experience that is playing into the platforms strenghts. NOT to make it an identical experience. Just look at the Wii..

Isn't Dead Space on the Wii going to implement motion controls? Why the extra effort for the Wii?

Either way, I have full confidence in Infinity Ward crafting an amazing game with MW2, regardless of platform.

outlawlife5599d ago

deadspace on the wii is a completely different game because dead space cannot be identical to the others

the wii it technically inferior which is why the "ports" it gets are different games

look at dead rising, waw, etc
the wii is different because it has to isnt a choice

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djtek1845599d ago (Edited 5599d ago )

I want them to take full advantage of the ps3's hardware and not let it be hindered to the 360's inferiority.

Bladestar5599d ago (Edited 5599d ago )

lol! keep telling that to yourself.. I'm sure it makes you feel better after each game comes out and the PS3 version is the inferior one.

I believe any developer who's going to release a game on the PC and the xbox 360 do what valve do. dump the PS3 version and don't bother.

You Sony leg humpers don't buy games anyways...

By the way... educate yourself...

COD4 was not ported to the PS3 or the xbox 360.. both games were developed from the ground up by different developers who were expert... which is why though the xbox 360 was superior... it was very close to the xbox 360 version.

Quit b!tch!ng and moaning about 90% of the games that come out and the PS3 prove to be the inferior one.

Elvfam5115599d ago

Sounds like your b!tching lol

Microsoft Xbox 3605599d ago

Bladestar resorts to multiplatform games to support his belief of the 360 being superior. What a joke. Multiplatform devs don't take advantage of the Cell processor for the PS3 version. What you see in multiplatform games are purely rendered with just the RSX. Cell + RSX is where the magic is at.

Man_of_the_year5599d ago

Sorry but Bladestar is right. 90% of the multiplats are better on the 360 and COD 4 was built from the ground up for both platforms.

@ Microsoft Xbox 360 - ofcourse you use multiplats. HOW can you compare different games on different consoles? There are so many different variables involved. You need to compare the same game on both systems. Reason is because all the variables are the same, except for the hardware being developed for.

They use the same art direction, development time and same resources to create the game.

If the same variables are used and 1 game looks better or plays better on 1 console than it does the other than that is a clear indication that the other console was the better console to produce optimal performance using the same variables.

Only Sony Droids would use exclusives to compare games because they know they can say anything they want because they can't be argued due to the fact that we don't know if the game would look better or run better on the other console since ITS NOT ON IT. Different games, different dev tme, different resources, different art directions...

You droids are the most pathetic fanboys in the world with no sense of common sense.

Use your heads.