Destroy All Humans! 2 Interview

THQ and Pandemic return to B-Movie heaven this year, with the release of Destroy all Humans! 2. Pro-G sat down with Pandemic to get some juicy details on what to expect from the alien invasion sequel.

Asylumchild6597d ago

YES! The first one was so much fun can't wait!! MABBY they will add new guns hahahaha sweet


Amazon Slashes Up To 75% Off On Select Games & SanDisk MicroSDXC w/ Switch Online Family Membership

Daily Video Game writes: "There is a new game sale going on right now at Amazon for multiple gaming platforms that slashes up to 75% off on select action-adventure, fighting, RPG, and shooter games for a limited time."

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Humble Choice April 2022 lineup out now

The April 2022 Humble Choice lineup is here with games like Ghostrunner and Destroy All Humans. All told, players can grab eight games plus the Humble Games Collection for $11.99.

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Lexreborn2830d ago

I’ve been grandfathered into this program and have a huge collection from it. Mostly game I get from psplus/gwg/gamepass/now but on PC so my pc collection is insane. But I’ll probably never play a bulk of the games I have

luckytrouble830d ago

Very much the same. I was grandfathered in as well, and the number of games I haven't even redeemed yet is insane, not even counting all the ones already in my Steam library.

IanTH829d ago (Edited 829d ago )

FWIW, in case you didn't know, the grandfathered status is no longer a perk. Things changed, so everyone just pays $12 and gets everything now.

I was also in the same boat, and mostly didn't even want to chance pausing it for fear of screwing something up and losing the "Classic" plan. This month is pretty bad, given all the stuff I've gotten from previous bundles or giveaways, so I'll likely skip this month. Since we're all drowning in games we'll never hope to be able to play, maybe also consider giving this month a pause.


eShop Game Sale: Features Games From Ubisoft, THQ, WB Games, EA, D3 Publisher & More

Daily Video Game writes: "There is a wide variety of games from several publishers that are getting really good discounts for Nintendo Switch users right now, including many good AAA and indie titles."

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