Killzone 2 MP Controls are much more responsive in retail copy

MEGamers write that the control scheme in MP is much more responsive and doesn't have the weighty feeling of SP as many were afraid of. They also link to an eBay listing for a retail copy of Killzone 2 presently available in North America.

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sonarus5218d ago

Well i can't really remember how it was in the beta. I do remember it was hard to aim in the beta but i got good quick and learned to fire in short bursts to increase my accuracy and was getting kills easy. I do know the devs said the multiplayer has a quicker pace than the SP since there is no cover system but i don't know if that translates to the aiming

NaiNaiNai5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

so just because "I" didn't like the delay on the controller you guys give me negatives, let me put it this way, when i turn right it feel sluggish even when i set the settings up full, why, because when i turn it starts slow then builds speed, so no matter what you set the sensativity to it still has to build speed. so it feels sluggish, to some of you that may feel fine, but after playing CoD, Halo, and a crap load of console FPS were i turn and it always turns at the same speed unless i baraly move the mouse or move the analog stick, in here i can hold the analog stick hard and it turns slow then fast, or easy and it turns slow then fast. T_T it just felt blah.

if you don't like my opinion about it fine, but please don't try some random BS fanboy stunt either.

and why is it you guys get pissed off and use your mutiaccounts when someone says something bad about a ps3 game, even the bots aren't that pathetic.

sonarus5218d ago

What you are describing is not lag though. You are one of those falsely claiming lag in KZ2. There is a sort of slippery aim system where its hard to make fine adjustments. Its a weird acceleration system and its slightly unbalanced with the Y and the X. Try setting your Y two notches above X it offsets it a little bit

Str8laced5218d ago

Do no trust the article, the controls suck just as bad in MP.

G-DOG5218d ago

please please just have customizable button control scheme in da final game. and yes i hate them all including da alternate 2 scheme cus no dats not wat i used in call of duty 4. i used tactical flipped which allowed my 2 shoot wit R2 and zoom wit L2 and frag wit R1 and sprint wit L3 and crouch wit R3 and melee wit O and so forth. So please this is da only thing dats stopping me from enjoying da game. and yes i played da beta 4 a while and da demo and i cant seem 2 enjoy da game cus GG/SONY is forcing me 2 configure da control scheme wit da only few options they give us and dats crap. So please help me/us wit this small request so i/we can enjoy da game thx.

boodybandit5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

Curious. What is your PSN username? Only asking because you are usually pretty negative towards anything Sony and your N4G Bio reads "tired of fanboys on this site. and the site admins being ps3 supportes out the ass."

Personally I did not have any problems with the controls in the demo. They definitely feel different than most other shooters but after a few runs through with the demo they felt natural to me. I do see what some are complaining about and I saw the videos showing the cursor lag but it just doesn't affect me at all. Gamers adjust.

I never thought I would ever like playing shooters on a controller coming from a PC 5 years ago. At first I hated it but I did adjust. I hated going from an arcade stick for fighters to a d pad but again I did adjust. I felt a little off when I first played SFIV because it has a slightly different feel and speed than previous versions but once again "I did adjust".

KZ2 is such an amazing title I hope people that do find fault with the controls in the demo don't let that deter them from playing the final retail version of this title. I have a feeling this is going to be one epic title both single player and online. I hope I am right.

NaiNaiNai5218d ago

my PSN is Innocent_Grey, and its understandable that you don't believe me, i didn't get a ps3 till about 4-5 days ago, up untill then i bashed it alot, mostly do to its fans being to hardcore and annoying. i mean really, i own the system, and i feel the demo had bad controllers IMO, yet i get pissed off peple giving me negatives because "I" didn't like it, not that it completely sucked.

Montrealien5218d ago

the controls are different, but I got used to it quickly, Its an all around great single player experience thus far. And to be honest, in the bot matches, it felt exactly the same.I started a bot match just now after I read this and besides the lack of cover, it`s the same freaking thing imho.

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Cyrax_875218d ago

not that there was a problem in the first place...

NaiNaiNai5218d ago

i just didn't like the feel, felt a bit delayed when i tried to aim, but thats a personal pref.

buy a ps35218d ago

i never noticed a problem with the unresponsive controls.( of course i have been playing the RE5 demo allot.)

Gobuz5218d ago

Agreed, there wasn't really problem to begin with.

Just the COD4 noobs complaining. i play cod all the time and i took to KZ2 easy.

Giriath5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

The singleplayer has momentum, and the multiplayer does not. It's that simple. Don't like it? Fine, you probably played the demo once and threw your controller at the screen, refusing to adapt. You won't have enemies spawning behind you in the campaign. Use the cover system and don't let the enemies flank you and you'll do fine.

I'm not really replying to one person, just the ones who feel certain that there's a "delay" in the game, and are pissed because they can't run around like an immortal as in every other shooter with piss poor AI.

The only gripe I have with this difference in control is that people may find it hard to come back to the campaign from multiplayer.

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squidyj5218d ago

Hopefully people actually read this. Seems KZ2 took a lot of flack for the control lag in the demo well after it had already been established as an issue isolated to the demo. I think that really wound up turning a lot of people off of the game.

They might now have a little better handle on what the situation actually is.

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