Race Pro Review from Official Xbox Magazine

Official Xbox Magazine writes: "No rookie drivers with stars in their eyes, no fictional leagues to master…not even a garage-like hub for fiddling with your unlocked cars. The cars and environments are equally austere, and the slowdown when your car goes off the track is disappointing.".

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Smileys3625d ago

same. err... if it ever comes out. -_-

arika3625d ago

i thought this was a gt5 clone or some even said its a gt5 killer. well uhhm... i guess this review speaks for itself.

Awesome Possum3625d ago

Like I said before this game is average.

sonarus3625d ago

This is honestly what i expected. The general video game review scores we run now is basically if a game has no hype expect low scores. Hype rules the scoring system

nbsmatambo3624d ago

if ur own magazine is bashing ur game, u really f'ed up...

Montrealien3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

great sim racer, not for everyone and Gt5 is 3 years late (still can't wait for it though).

the people that wont play this game and look for e-peen stroaking instead of gaming are just going to miss out on a quality sim racer. No need to hate, uh wait, I forgot, this is N4G, where people complain and bicker more then they actually game.

This game was never intended to be a GT5 killer, even though some random special person said so and special people take eachothers comments seriously, or so it seems. And it is very well worth the 40$ an till we actually get Gt5 or Forza 3, I will have my money's worth.

And sonarus , Too Human begs to differ with your theory.

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djtek1843625d ago

Óh god more flops, there's no stopping them. 360 is on a roll.

Pennywise3625d ago

I cant floppin believe it!

lokiroo4203624d ago

HAhahaha, man where are the usual suspects again? POG, mart, blur crab,fox, looks like they have tucked tail and ran once again! They must be busy eating their own words, should be getting rather stuffed by now.

Kaliumhest3625d ago

Maybe the game's not that good after all.

Rims3625d ago

sorry xbots. enjoy Star Ocean in 510p.

Queers of War3625d ago

didnt SO4 get a flop review as well? 7/10 if i recall

in any case...LOLOLOLOLOL

even an xbox mag went harsh on this flop

Obama3624d ago

yeah SO4 seems to be a flop as well since the bots have been calling WKS a flop when it only has 2 reviews.

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The story is too old to be commented.