VGC Review: Ninjatown

VGC writes: "Ninjatown is a great little tower defence game that should really appeal to fans of the genre. It doesn't really attempt to introduce any new concepts to the genre, it's just a solid nuts and bolts affair, with a cute face and an endearing personality, and it's well worth a look. The story revolves around the citizens of Ninjatown and their battles with an evil villain, Mr. Demon. Mr. Demon is intent on stealing the Ninja's cookie recipe. As you can probably tell, these aren't you're average cookie-baking ninjas, they're actual rather peaceful folk who feel more at place relaxing in their little ninja huts than going to war. As such their only hope of mobilising themselves for battle comes in the form of the old Master Ninja, one of the only remaining ninjas who remembers the old ways of warfare. So you (playing Master Ninja) must organise the battlefield and keep Mr. Demon and his minions away from the cookie recipe."

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