AnyDVD HD Supports Blu-ray Copying

Not even four weeks have gone by since the release of AnyDVD HD, a software for circumventing the copy protection provision of the new DVD format "HD-DVD". Now SlySoft announces a new version of AnyDVD HD which now also supports the authoritative, SONY-developed Blu-Ray(BD) format. And, by the way, the Blu-Ray related regional codes also get removed.

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Boink4248d ago

so much for the extra security sony promised fox and disney.

I wonder how they are taking the news:)

HokieFan4248d ago

I was hoping to get this approved and maybe people would discuss whether or not this will have an effect on the format war. It was my understanding that Disney and Fox chose Blu-ray due to the superior encryption...but it may not matter any more.

grifter0244248d ago

Cool.... So BR movies can be copied do you still need a BR player or can you play it in an HDDVD or Reg DVD player...

eclipsegryph4248d ago

Why does this warrant a "cool" response, exactly?

HokieFan4248d ago

I believe it will remove the encryption and region encoding and place the files on the hard drive. From there, you can do with it as you please. If you have an HD DVD burner, you could put it on one of those disks and play it in your HD DVD player...

SDS Gamerfiend4248d ago

Gonna happen sooner or later! Great for me, I love to copy movies.

Whoooop4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

I love to copy movies.. Ever since i learned how to do it i've never bought a single movie, not even rent one. (downloaded movies of course). So if i can eventually burn downloaded Bluray movies, then BRING IT ON..

BLURAY DISKS will be expensive though..

eclipsegryph4248d ago

Why people enjoy being imbecilic I'll never know.

Boink4248d ago

if you have a 360 with a vista PC or media center pc can stream it to the TV:)

Whoooop4248d ago

keep wasting your money then.. :P (i'm a proud imbecile).

HokieFan4248d ago

If they would produce their movies on HD DVD I would gladly purchase them. I have hundreds of DVDs that I bought legally, as well as about 10 HD DVDs. It's not my fault that Fox / Disney / Sony choose not to support my format.

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grifter0244248d ago

Yes exactly Hokie... Now the "Cool" response from me was because of another news post I posted a comment on their Hokie knows what im talking about.... I agree that since they dont choose my format ill do this... It saves you money on having to buy a Blu-ray player...