Flower Review -

The first thing that must be understood upon starting up Flower is to forget about most of your tried and true gaming habits. No worries about a clock ticking down or a score which will be pitted against the rest of the world. Sit back, relax and for the first time enjoy using the PS3's SIXAXIS feature in your controller.

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MasFlowKiller3557d ago

Hoping for DLC, i love this game but its too short hopefully some DLC will come our way because i know alot of people loved it

Cajun Chicken3557d ago

Me too, strangely, I'd like a few more levels with dangers such as the electricity. DLC for this would be great and it was already done with Flow, so why not?

Serjikal_Strike3557d ago

those were probably one of my favorite levels...being on top of buildings and flowing thru the freeways and streets

GamerMan3557d ago

Just downloaded this last night to break up some frustration of a game I have been playing.

I must saying it is a relaxing game. This and flOw are two good games to break up monotony of normal games and give me something to wind down. I wasn't expecting a challenge and had low expectations of this game but was pleasantly surprised by its accessibility for both casual gamers and more advanced gamers such as myself.

It's $10 and it works for all profiles on your PS3 which is nice. I would recommend it to anyone that needs a break from the norm.