Killzone 2 support for Home is 'likely'

During an interview on Killzone 2 last week at the Guerrilla Games' HQ, Dutch website Gaming Only asked Development Director Arjan Brussee about Guerrilla's plans for Home. There wasn't much he was allowed to say about it, but Guerrilla is currently looking into supporting Home and it is 'likely' that Home support will follow.

Don't count on it any time soon though, as Arjan added that it will most likely be a few months away. As far as Home content goes he was very secretive and didn't say more than that they 'will support some of those video functions Home has'.

For an English translation on Gaming Only, just press the British flag.

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GrieverSoul3532d ago

Well, it was expected but it should have been there on launch day.

There have been some doubts on how the party system works on the Killzone forums and they have been a little secretive about it. II thought it might have something to do with HOME game launching with the party system.

I guess not...

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kwicksandz3532d ago

If sony first party studios dont even support it i fear the future of home is grim indeed.

IdleLeeSiuLung3532d ago

This is probably one of the biggest game this year and one of the most anticipated title in PS3's life (sans MGS4) and Home is not supported?

If that is the case, then Home is probably doomed. I would be extremely surprised and disappointed at Sony if that was the case. However, offered costume codes for Home with KZ2 outfits.... isn't that a sign that Sony will support it?

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yoghurt3532d ago

Its a bit strange, with a high profile game such as this why not have a massive launch with everything, the game, home support? but then I guess by bringing it out a little bit down the line they reignite peoples interest

Jdoki3532d ago

Sony really need to step up Home support.

I was always sceptical of the concept, but gave it the benefit of the doubt as people seem hyped for it.

Now it needs a good kick in the pants to make it feel like something other than a revenue stream for Sony to make millions from micro-transactions.

I occassionally dip in to Home, just to see if there's anything new, but generally it's just boring. Every AAA release should be preceded by a Home area a month or so before. But considering how dull the Far Cry and Uncharted areas are I'm not sure what Home really has to offer and the 'It's still Beta' cry is starting to wear thin.

jellejelle3532d ago

They absolutely do need to step up, if they want to show Home is serious for them. I was kinda surprised by the answer he gave me, not the fact that isn't telling a damn thing, but that he says support is likely. I mean, a first party developer should go all out with Home in my opinion.

But of course you never know, maybe we'll see a full blown KZ2 space after launch.

poeo3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

to be honest, when i get this game, i will care even less about Home no matter what content there is. (if it's even possible, as i have only logged on once this year, and that was by accident trying to login to the Store)

killer games > home (by an unimaginably large margin)

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