Are We Witnessing The Birth Of A New Genre Of Games?

Mike Hartnett on writes: "Over the past few months, gamers (PS3 owners in particular) have witnessed some of the most spectacular looking downloadable titles available that define a new kind of game, if you can really call it a game. It seems as though a new genre of said "game" is emerging entitled Interactive Digital Art."

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Bnet3434186d ago

I'm going to be honest here. I'm not a fan of this genre. I am a competitive gamer by heart. I always love the hardest games out there and I love competition. I can understand how games like these are taken well. It's a form a relaxation and I can dig that, I'm sure some yoga people can hang with games like these. Just not my cup of tea. If I want to relax, I always throw my ass on the couch and watch some TV. :P

NJShadow4186d ago

Well, I know games like Ecco the Dolphin on the Genesis and especially Dreamcast served both purposes, or at least in my opinion they did. It provided some pretty challenging gameplay with some incredibly beautiful visuals. If you haven't played that on either console, I HIGHLY recommend it. =)

Parapraxis4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

"Interactive Digital Art", I like it.
It seems PSN is really becoming a great venue for these very creative art/games.
Linger in the Shadows, Flower, Flow even PixelJunk Eden falls into this genre.
I would love to see PlayAuditorium hit PSN

EDIT: had a typo. also glad you like it imdaboss, very interesting game, it gets quite challenging.

Simon_Brezhnev4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

hey Parapraxis thanks for the PlayAuditorium link the game real fun and refreshing yeah PSN does need to pick it up

Edit: yeah im already on act 2

NJShadow4186d ago

@ Papraxis

Definitely man! That's a pretty nice find. =)

Simon_Brezhnev4185d ago

well on playauditorium i cant get pass 2.5

FarEastOrient4185d ago

You should try it some time, it doesn't hurt to play with some 'feel good' games from time to time. I'm like you though I do play a great deal of competitive gaming and an even bigger one is RPG both Western and Eastern styles.

Sitdown4185d ago

Bubbles for posting that....awesome.

theKiller4185d ago

thank u so much for the game in ur link, its so artistic game, i like the music in it,

for a return i will give u another link but for something more important than gaming and that is the power that controls gamings and the whole world.

BkaY4185d ago

but i really feel relaxed while going through whole experience.
its just felt like a romantic poem....

SAiOSiN4184d ago

then why are you here? seriously if you're going to put down a game, or the genre in general, then don't post at all. keep it to yourself.

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Theoneneo814186d ago

agree there are quite a few games now i would love to see Afrika Come to the states that looks pretty intresting Flower is great by the way

Axe994186d ago

I think these games are great - while they're not for everyone, neither are highly-competitive action games, and it's not as if more Flower means less Killzone, so I think it's a win-win (I'm personally all for both - I'm a gaming floozy, I'll play anything! Well - at least in terms of genres - I'll proudly say I've never played a Matrix game!) Actually really enjoyed Flower (and Flow, and PixelJunk Eden) - and while it's got a bit more challenge (finding the hidden flowers and the like) than Flow, anyone who's been gaming for a little while we find it very easy - but that's not a bad thing if you like to mix it up a bit. Of course, I still love my R2, CoD4 and 5, Wipeout HD and the like.

NJShadow4186d ago

He he, yeah, perhaps these games could be like therapy after the post-traumatic syndrome of Killzone 2. =)

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