OXCGN: Minesweeper Flags XBLA Review

OXCGN Writes:

Is 3D and multiplayer worth 400MP?

It's almost the very definition of shovelware: take something that's free, dress it up in 3D graphics and demand money for it. Minesweeper has graced almost every PC, included free in Windows and sucked away countless hours of potential productivity in office jobs.

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Immortal Kaim3529d ago

I would never actually pay for this, 400 points is too steep for a game (though admittedly a little different) that you get free on all PC's...

Dimorphic_3529d ago

Good review but yeah I agree I wouldn't want to pay for Minesweeper when you get it for free on almost every single MS operating system PC.

leeeeed3529d ago

Maybe this could have been a freebie that MS tossed the hungry masses?

Steelspawn3529d ago

I agree - this should be given away as a Microsoft promotion if anything. Perhaps bundle it with another arcade game but no chance I would pick this up when I can get the bare-bones version for free.

Hunter863529d ago

Definately should be a freebie that comes standard with the console lol.

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