Gamebosh Review: Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Gamebosh writes: "It takes a particular brand of muppet to take a character like Sonic the Hedgehog and make so many spin-offs that the poor 'hog ends up spreading himself too thin in too many games. Case in point: Zero Gravity. This is the fifth racing game in a series that begin with Sonic Drift in 1994 and it suffers from poor controls and lame pin-ball environments. All we can say is: thank god for Sonic Unleashed.

You're given three controller options in Zero Gravity: hold the Wii remote forward, hold it horizontal or you can use a Gamecube controller. Yes, a Gamecube controller. This highlights how far behind the crowd the makers of this game seem to have aimed. Who exactly thought it a good idea to put Sonic in a sequel to one of the dullest spin-off games so far, Sonic Riders? Yes, Sonic zooms around on his hover-board (and motorcycle, yacht and wheel), bouncing off walls and collecting rings. Someone call 1994 - they want their ideas back."

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