Strategy Informer: CellFactor Interview

Having seen Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network pick up steam over 2008, it was only a matter of time when major publishers decided to start putting a lot more focus on developing "next-gen" titles for the online services. CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars is a prime example of this major push towards next-gen digital content for the consoles and Strategy Informer had the opportunity to speak to the Lead Gameplay Programmer, Mohamed Samir from Timeline Interactive and the Lead Designer, Julian Castillo from Immersion Games on outlook of the title.

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Orange Juice3558d ago

This game looks great, its like quake but with unique classes, telekinesis powers and destructable environments, and its coming in march. I honestly cant ask for more than that.

OhReginald3558d ago

it sucks because this game isnt taking advantage of the PSN store space. If its coming out on xbox live you know that this game is going to be ridiculously small. Not worth my $$$$$ if they don't take advantage of the better network store for big games.