Mushroom Kingdom Hearts Announced

This month's EGM has a nice little exclusive announcement for all you SquNix fans out there. Apparently Mario and his band of contemporaries will join Sora, Mickey and the rest of Kingdom Hearts crew for an all new adventure on the Wii.


Confirmed as April fools

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PS360WII4426d ago

Now how cool is this!?! I for one am quite happy that Kingdom Hearts goes to the Wii. I was wondering what kind of worlds Square-Enix and Disney could go to after 2 games done. What better place than the land of Mario and friends ^^ Nice find

eclipsegryph4426d ago

This is just freaking awesome.

And slutty by both Squaresoft and Nintendo.

But awesome all the same.

ChickeyCantor4426d ago

i never played KH1 nor 2 and both are great ( i have seen a friend playing it)
but this just wants me to .... play them both NOW.

Rasputin20114426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

I think the acquisition of KH is going to be huge for the WII. Almost makes me want to make a purchase....again I said almost.

jerseynets044426d ago

mario RPG was a freaking amazing ass game, one of the biggest sleeper games of all time IMO, and a sequel would be huge. as for Mushroom Kingdom Hearts, im glad theyre bringing the series to the wii but im a little worried that it might ruin it. just hope nintendo is careful with what theyr doing.

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The story is too old to be commented.