Full Frontal Male Nudity in GTA IV: The Lost and Damned

Kikizo reveals: "Shock scene appears in the downloadable episode, released tomorrow on Xbox Live."

"Uh-oh. This isn't going to go down well with the cry-babies who made the 'Hot Coffee' incident into such a scandal."

"the most alarming scene in the entire Grand Theft Auto saga to date"

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Xandet3557d ago

With their never-ending passion to create controversy within the gaming industry. Never fails! But as long as it's done tastefully (a la Forgetting Sarah Marshall/Zack and Miri Make a Porno), I have no qualms with a little d**k in my media.

DelbertGrady3557d ago

I'm all over it!...I mean...hmmm

UnwanteDreamz3557d ago

This is just reDICKulous. Why not a nice rack? If they can show this why the strippers wearing pasties?

DelbertGrady3557d ago

Hey! There's no need to be a d!ck about it.

Ghoul3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Whats the best way to annoy americans ??
(main hobby of rockstar, for the records rockstar is from Edinburgh, Scotland)


Awesome Rockstar keep going

Sarick3557d ago

Controversy means media interest, having media interest means the product is more infamous or famous. In other words the controversy is free advertising.

Theory Of Suckboxism3557d ago

I'm sure many Xbox 360 owners will buy the DLC now that they have heard this news :)

Doppy3556d ago

Leave it to Rock* to push the boundaries as usual. Let's see what kind of effect this will have once the media get a hold of it.

It may sound like I don't agree, but actually I think it's a great step forward for developers to express their ideas through games, just as movies do.

rroded3556d ago

not a game seller for me but to each their own...

PS glad to see em pushing the boundaries a bit more :D

Maybe well get full female nudity in the next one lol

FrankenLife3556d ago

You can watch the video at 1up. It is pretty lame. And it doesn't have physics.

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Arsenic133557d ago

Its an M game. God of War showed women. Im tired of double standards. Its a penis, big deal.
Now will it be cut or uncut?...

Fishy Fingers3557d ago

That's either a great gag or an unintentional one. Either way +1 for that.

UnwanteDreamz3557d ago

I bet it wont have a hood.

cayal3556d ago

Man 360 users just got shafted.

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dirigiblebill3557d ago

Wasn't there a penis in Shadow of the Colossus somewhere?

dirigiblebill3557d ago

Not in that bit at the end when you see the ickle baby?

poeo3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

LMAO wow that question came out of nowhere, DID NOT see that coming.

so is there a penis in SotC?

Th3 Chr0nic3557d ago

MR.Jack Thompson ......yay!!!.."Mr. Thompson what do you have to say about the new content in GTA IV Lost expansion?" "well i would like to say that it is a fresh piece of scenery that i would love to *****$*%*$**%*$" "well we always thought that of you Mr. Thompson"

end segment

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