Blu-Ray Supporter Samsung Offers Notebook with HD DVD.

Samsung Electronics, a maker of consumer devices and a supporter of the Blu-ray disk (BD) format is quietly selling laptops with HD DVD optical drives on its domestic market. This comes as a surprise, as Samsung earlier decided to scrap its consumers players that would play both BDs and competing HD DVDs.

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grifter0244247d ago

Pretty good read... I would approve this but I cant pass the test always 11/15 it kinda sad...:( This is a good read thought I didnt know that their was already a hddvd burner.. I wonder if someone can burn BR movies and take off the encryption so I can watch it in my hddvd drive..

BIadestarX4246d ago

I al ways get 14/15.. I just don't have the time like some people to try every possible answer. I think the problem is with the checkboxes.

HokieFan4246d ago

Us HD DVD owners can dream, can't we? Casino Royale on HD DVD, here I come! If they won't support our format, we'll make the discs ourselves! :)

grifter0244246d ago

hehe really hokie if you find a way to remove the encryption tell me I wanna get some BR movies.. Fifth Element.... and others

HokieFan4246d ago

Yeah, I have to say that I love my HD DVD player...but not having 5th Element really sucks!

eques judicii4246d ago

umm... why do they say that universal is backing bluray?? I thought they were still exclusively backing HD-DVD

HokieFan4246d ago

That's true...they are only supporting HD DVD right now. Must be an error in the article, I didn't even notice that.

Whoooop4246d ago

Is stupid to be limited in movies selection, when we only want to enjoy movies themselves, not the company who's supporting them..

PS3 fan or not, it would be cool if you guys could see BR movies on your HDDVD player and viceversa or just be dealing with only one [email protected] format so we can all enjoy any movies we like..

HokieFan4246d ago

I'm really hoping that the dual-format players catch on and get cheaper so they can produce movies on whatever format the prefer, and none of the early adopters wasted any money.

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