VideoGamer: Shellshock 2: Blood Trails Review

Without any multiplayer to speak of the single-player campaign is all there is to consider when wondering whether to hand over your cash. To put it simply: do not buy this game. Had this been released five years ago it would still have stood out as a poorly made FPS, so released into a market with the likes of Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 sitting pretty on store shelves, and Killzone 2 due any day now, it's hard to see any reason to add this to your collection.

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2FootYard3529d ago

This review is completed biased a game should not be judged on what it lacks but what it contains.

MTROB3529d ago

All I want to know is it better than Haze - I was one of the lucky ones to have actually bought that at full RRP!!!!

picker3323529d ago


That's little too low in my opinion.

I did not like this game so much but still i would never give this game a 3/10...Hase is worse than this & it got better score.

But still,you can just eater download it(Torrent)Or just leave it alone.