The Conduit - Developer Interview

Last week at New York ComicCon 2009, I had an interview with Eric Nofsinger, VP of Creative Content from High Voltage Software, on the Wii's upcoming FPS game The Conduit. Eric is very passionate about The Conduit and what it will do for the Wii this year. The FPS game is set to make a new mark for the core gaming audience on the Wii.

The interview is pretty lengthy, at nearly 20 minutes, but Eric gives great insight into the development of The Conduit. What was the biggest challenge in working on The Conduit? Where did The Conduit get its inspiration? Would High Voltage Software consider licensing the game's engine? Will The Conduit support the Wii Motion Plus? Why did they ultimately go with SEGA as a publisher? What advice would they give to other independent game developers on the Wii? What was with that manual from The Conduit which was released online? All that and more questions are answered by Eric in the interview.

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TruthbeTold3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Good job. I'm so excited for this game!

WiiJunkii3534d ago

If every developer in the world put this type of effort into their titles, the world would be a better place.

Not only have they poured their hearts into this title, but the time that Eric Nofsinger, and other High Voltage employees have put into keeping communications with the game community open is just unrivaled.

Gamers need to do their part and support these guys.

Buy the Conduit!

I'll buy 2 copies if I can.

Product3534d ago

i hope this game does a million sales in the first month just in america.I hope......

WiiJunkii3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I'm curious about how many people are "guaranteed buys" at this point.

I mean, barring some unforeseeable catastrophe... I don't see even the harshest Wii-hating critic going below an 8.0 on The Conduit.

I think the controls, multiplayer and the tech alone put this game well above that score.

Launch title or not, if Red Steel could move 1.5 million, The Conduit should sell double.

SinnedNogara3533d ago

I wish that more developers would take the Wii seriously. Maybe the guys from 2K Games who want more hardcore games, should make something new like HVS.

Great job Eric Nofsinger!!