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First GTA4 Screenshot?

Probably not, but this screenshot made an appearance on the net today. Leaked screens are very rare, but take a look and decide for yourself. I have attached a larger version in the image section below. Now if this is old I apologize as I have never seen it before myself.

Update: Rockstar says that the screenshot, is a hoax.

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SjaakHaas6578d ago

if it is, then it looks like a very early version.

OutLaw6578d ago

I really can't tell. When it comes to the information bar, It seems to look like GTA. But unless the next GTA is going to have a female as the main character and by the looks of the vehicles, be in the 50's. I see this as being bogus.

Lucidmantra6578d ago (Edited 6578d ago )

at least the 70's there is a 77 Nova sitting behind the 57 Bel Air.

and the information bar is huge if it is real i hope they change that. I hate HUDs all up in my view of the game. Go like FN:r3 no HUD. The 360 still has rumble so use a system like on Call Of Cthulluh: Dark Corners of the earth where the rumble is a heart beat and it speeds up as you get injured and the screen reds and blacks out. That game was cool for the way it did stuff without a HUD. It had other problems but that was cool and New-gen to me is no huds... think of new innovative ways to show us our status.

OutLaw6578d ago (Edited 6578d ago )

Good Eye. I didn't notice that earlier.

THAMMER16578d ago

I think it is a fake but kinda cool.

BlackCountryBob6578d ago

If it is real then the lead character is a woman and it looks like it is set in Cuba or Miami! maybe it is just a screen of GTA vice city stories for the PSP!

THAMMER16578d ago

Looks to good for the psp gpu.

Sphinx6578d ago

Is she carrying a mace? GTA4 better look a lot better than that... and who uses a spiked ball on a chain anymore? Gladiators? Knights?

OutLaw6578d ago

She is using a Mace. Also I notice that it looks like a basket of cheese near her.

Lucidmantra6578d ago

that is a 3d map it looks like to me. the buildings are orange.

OutLaw6578d ago

Oh sh!t!! Thats what that is? That damn thing looks like a basket of cheese.

Lucidmantra6578d ago

look at the bigger pic linked right below this post way easier to see it there arew dots on it as waypoints and character position.

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