Mass Effect DLC 2 details in documentary

A new Mass Effect documentary was released with the platinum hits special edition of the game. In the DLC they discuss the future of Mass Effect, with a new "fight club" DLC, as well as the implications of choices for Mass Effect 2.

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PtRoLLFacE3557d ago

thats really cool, i wonder if going to be able to change ur class without losing all the saves from MS1 to MS2, lest say u were a soldier in MS1 and and u want to be an engineer in ME2 but u don't want to lose all ur weapons, upgrades and armors u had in the soldier class in ME1, that will be classic

aspergersyndrome3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

I think they will offer new classes for Mass Effect characters, however they will probably be based on your original class. So a Soldier may learn a few Tech or Biotic skills, but will remain primarily a soldier.

Pebz3557d ago

I doubt you will be able to keep your gear and stats, you will most likely start at level 1 again, but with spectre training and such taken into account.

My guess would be that you meet an NPC who asks you certain questions about events in ME1, and your answers decide who is alive and whatnot in ME2 if you start a new game, or those answer are pre-defined if you load up a save-game. Sort of like in KOTOR 2.

@1.1 Those branched out classes already exist; Infiltrator (soldier/engineer), Sentinel (adept/engineer) and Vanguard (soldier/adept).

Ausbo3557d ago

1.) Mass Effect

2.) oblivion

3.) Fallout 3

4.) Fable 2

enkidu3557d ago

I just finished playing the first one today! I loved it, i can't believe i didn't take the time to play it before... can't wait for the second one.

PS360WII3557d ago

Awesome more dlc for the first Mass Effect! Least I hope it'll come out as we will have to wait at least another year for the second one to come :(