Neocrisis: Warhawk Review

Neocrisis: When Warhawk was first released, it was filled with server issues, bugs and glitches. Since the game's release, Warhawk has been amazingly supported by its developers adding new game modes, trophies and putting out expansions. After all the updates and expansions, Warhawk proves to be one of the best multiplayer experiences on the PlayStation 3.

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Sony Rep3626d ago

WarHawk 2 with a campaign mode and an improved multiplayer will make it an AAA title for sure. Icognito certainly have the experience after all the add-ons and such.

Powertesties3626d ago

is pretty good. While I haven't played it in a while, it is pretty good. Graphically not very impressive but few exclusive titles on the PS3 are.

I give it an 8.

Parapraxis3626d ago

"Graphically not very impressive but few exclusive titles on the PS3 are. "
Grade "A" trolling.

Chubear3626d ago

You show me another downloadable game on any other console that comes anywhere near this game and I'll shut up until then YOU STFU.

Danja3626d ago

If Warhawk 2 has a Single Player story it needs to have atleast 8 player Co-Op.....that would just be crazy

ThanatosDMC3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

But 8 good pilots would be over kill. I can take on three enemy warhawks no problem (though i'd have to be fully loaded). I cant imagine how AI would adapt or even put up a fight against good pilots.

I'd still be fine with Warhawk 2 being online only game though but increase the craziness in the game say 64+ people. Remember the ice map, seems so empty on the ground.

Just add capital ships as main bases, more air vehicles, land vehicles, mechs, jetpacks, weapons, turrets... ::DROOOLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZ::

Flak mobile tank would be nice. Multiple dropships that are fully loaded. Or what about limitations... say one side is a ground base while the other team is an air base. The only way to get troops up there is via drop ships or jets packs not to mention warhawks. ::DROOL again::

It's such a pain to want and wish for the perfect multiplayer game...

Danja3626d ago

your definetly right much Resistance 2 these days I guess...

but I say 64 player online would be crazy but then we have have to some huge Maps to level out all that frenzy that would be taking place ....the Ice Map is a perfect example but not even that Map could handle 64 players at once it would be too crowded...damn endless possibilities with this game.

But s story would still be appreciated by me any day even though the game doesn't really need it TBH...

nix3626d ago

everything in warhawk moves in supersonic speed. if you blink, you will die. 32 players is crazy.. you never know when you will die, how you will die and where you will die. but you will die. that's certain.

newcomers wont find it welcoming. flying A plane is even worse if you are new. everyone wants to shoot down a plane. and worst is it's tough to get trophies. i've got only 12% of them so far.

after you've played for 1-2 hours, it will take you at least 15 mins to come back to the real world because it's so fast. funniest thing is you'll start being wary of mines even when you're taking a stroll in real life. q:


ThanatosDMC3624d ago

Gotta love putting a land mine in enemy planes. Then when they get on, they go BOOM!

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BaSeBaLlKiD7213626d ago

lol i just bought warhawk for the 3rd time today... i had to trade it in 2 times for new games but today will be my last warhawk purchase since you only get $4 for trading in warhawk. im gonna keep it for the rest of my PS3's life. this game is definitely one of the best online game available on PS3

GrandTheftZamboni3626d ago

I bought it twice: 2nd time when my wife got mad at me and hid the disk. That was an online purchase for a quick nightly fix.

ThanatosDMC3626d ago

Buy it on the PSN. Though i've always had it on the disk.

SonySoldierEternaL3626d ago

Warhawk deserves a solid 9 imo

BkaY3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

i play games everyday ... for 2 hours to 3....

but weekends.... till 6 in the morning.... most of the time warhawk....

psn: kaka-sipai

INehalemEXI3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

yeah Its an underrated game for sure. Deserves 9 to 9.6. Can't get the full score since they abandoned SP. It is one of the funnest MP games ever made though.

SlyGuy3626d ago

9.6 is about right. This is a NEAR perfect game. I have had the most FUN with this game this gen.

Last gen the game I find this comparable to was Timesplitters. Warhawk takes MP to a whole new level.

Truth is, I don't think points should be deducted for lack of a SP because that as never the intention for Warhawk. It is similar to deducting points for great games that don't have multiplayer (e.g. bioshock).

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BigKev453626d ago

Ok, this game came out a WHILE ago.

Sarcasm3626d ago

It's neocrisis.

Looking forward to their "new" review of Pong.


Mirage7493626d ago

I find it a bit strange that the reviewer had relatively nothing bad to say about the game, yet it still got an 8.7.

vickers5003626d ago

Maybe he thinks that 8.7 is a generous score and doesn't subscribe to everyones definition of an AAA, which is a 9+?

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