Joystiq: Weekly Webcomic Wrapup don't need no Valentine

Joystiq: "We don't appreciate the allegation that we're unlucky in love; we're just too cool for Valentine's Day. We made a conscious decision to be lonely tonight -- in fact, we're doing it out of protest. We're showing those corporate bigwigs at Hallmark that they have no control over our purchasing habits. It's an incredibly altruistic display, considering the number of suitors we had to turn down in order to keep our schedule empty. Hopefully, our faux loneliness will OH GOD SHEILA PLEASE COME BACK I MISS YOU SO MUCH BABY

...Ahem. Sorry about that. You know the (sob) drill. The seven comics you see (sniff) below are this week's candidates. Poll is after (whimper) the break. Pick your favorite, then (blows nose) jump into the comments to tell us that we've taken four of the best years of your life that you're never getting back and that we're just not "marriage material" (resigned sigh)"

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