Amazon's $9.99 Game Downloads Angering Publishers

Last week Amazon announced their launch of their new game download service with games starting at only $9.99 which is an extremely good deal, unfortunately the game publishers certainly did not agree.

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tilamiles3535d ago

Recession apparently doesn't hit the gaming market as hard as any other. Also considering the fact that games provide a good amount of entertainment for the price. MMOs, online shooters and rts especially.

Silver3603535d ago

and still make a profit when someone else owns the game, then at least $10 of the 19.99 sale of the game is pure profit. What a rip off!!!!!!!

IdleLeeSiuLung3535d ago

Yeah, all these are practically tiny little games made by a 2-3 man show. I think gamers should boycott the publishers and let the market decide if the games are worth more than $10.

Bnet3433535d ago

ROFL the games they offer to download suck balls.

SlyGuy3535d ago

they should drop the price of those games to $1.99.


cactuschef3534d ago

Agreed. Publishers need to take their head out their ass. Jewel Quest is not worth $20.

jackdoe3535d ago

Jewel Quest worth $19.99? My ass.

The_Kills3535d ago

The publishers. As if Amazon cares..pull the game from the catalog if you have a problem with it.

$20 for jewel quest in this economy? GTFO of my

bakagaijin783535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

This seems odd to me. All of these games have been available for a long time on BigFishGames for as little as $6.99 if you are a game club member. And Bejeweled (or Jewel Quest.. whatever it is) isn't even worth that much.

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