Why The iPhone Fails As A Gaming Device

The iPhone is being considered as a true gaming device, and has been stated by various Apple devs that it could "oust" the Nintendo DS. Now seeing as the DS is now owned by everybody on the planet and their grandmothers, we can safely say that the iPhone has a long way to go. But as a gaming platform, are we likely to see it as a competitor?

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grantps33533d ago

all cellular devices fail as a gaming device, because it is made to be a phone.

if you want a phone that is great at games, you need to make a portable gaming system and give it the ability to send/recieve calls.

but i wouldnt buy one anyway. i have a ps3, who needs a portable gaming device? not me

thereapersson3533d ago

Look what happened to the NGage; that sh1t just didn't work...

Neo6043533d ago

you'll have less accurate on pressing wich button.

Microsoft Xbox 3603533d ago

No hardware buttons is my only reason why it fails as a "true" gaming device. It does have some decent games though. Like that bass fishing one. Really fun.

pippoppow3533d ago

While not the primary reason to own one, its ability to play games is a good feature. The quality of titles is pretty good and those looking to unwind with a quick game here and there will enjoy it. It's a decent gaming platform for free and cheap downloadable games, for those looking to play a game at leisure. Simple, fun and cheap entertainment on the go to pass some time when bored is what it's about. So I don't think it fails, it just caters to a different segment. They have quietly crept into the gaming arena and can only see them expanding their focus. I(console) in the future?

badz1493533d ago

because it's a phone?! iPhone is always phone 1st others 2nd!

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The story is too old to be commented.