AceGamez: Skate 2 Review

Skate 2 isn't a bad game, it's just inconsistent. For every amazing trick set you pull off for major points, you have to restart twenty times to make up for every time you failed and for every amazing line that you create by moving objects, the anger that ensues when trying to walk on foot is always in the back of your mind. As was the case with the first game, mastering a certain spot or line is more rewarding than completing most games, but it takes a lot of hard work to reach this point. The biggest downfall of Skate 2 though is the fact that it hasn't learnt from the mistakes in the mission design of the first game, making you fail multiple times on a specific trick because the controls are so sensitive. As a whole, Skate 2 adds just enough new features to warrant a purchase for the people who enjoyed the first game. For everyone else though, be wary that it takes a lot of perseverance to look past the inconsistencies and find the rewards underneath. Let's hope that EA doesn't rush another sequel next year and that they spend the time needed to refine what should be an amazing experience.

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