AceGamez: Silent Hill: Homecoming Review

Silent Hill: Homecoming is no queen, then, but there's more than enough about Double Helix's first go-around with the series that I can heartily recommend it to any gamer with an appetite for a genuinely creepy hybrid of survival horror old and new. It is well designed and beautifully presented, casting off just enough of the old constraints to feel relevant again. Bringing such a beloved franchise into an irrevocably changed gaming landscape without negating that which made it so important in the first place must surely have been a fine line for the developers to tread - and given that, no wonder Homecoming plays it safe in some respects - but Double Helix has done enough to retain the atmosphere and the essential feel of Silent Hills past that, in the end, they tread that line just fine. And make no mistake: with Resident Evil's self-professed designs on Gears of War, this is the last triple-A franchise the genre has left. How incredibly gratifying to see it live on not just in our memories, but in a modern game that's more than equal to its great name.

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