Need For Speed Carbon Screenshots

Need For Speed Carbon is not the sequel to Most Wanted 2, and EA Black Box is steering the franchise in a fresh new direction. The game has a team focus, and this time racers will have AI teammates that have RPG-light upgradable skill sets. Members helping you blaze across the finish line include a blocker, pathfinder, drafter, fabricators, mechanics, and fixer. Need for Speed: Carbon will be released at the end of the year on Xbox, PS2, DS, PSP, Gamecube, PC, Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3. Below you will find the first screenshots.

Optimus Prime6184d ago

just looks amazing, if it is any thing like nfsmw, then this game will be amazing. cant wait

JPomper6184d ago

Problem #1: EA

Problem #2: Releasing it next year for PS2 and XBOX? Yay for games being ported upwards to next gen! *thumbs down*

Problem #3: It's EA

RelloC6184d ago

I agree 100%. EA has killed NFS.

kamino776184d ago

Did you play NFSMW?

If not then you have no idea what you're talking about. If so, then you STILL have no idea what you're talking about.

NFSMW was superb.

JIN KAZAMA6184d ago

I am done with this game, i was a HUGE FAN of teh greatest NFS game. HOT PURSUIT 2. Then EA sold out with all the underground amd most wanted crap. Stick to racing, i dont need a story line in a racing game.

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