remanutd555638d ago

i hope this is true , HUGE syphon filter fan here , wow this is more like the sony i knew back in the days , i always knew it. gotta go three more races to get my platinum trophy in murderstorm pacific rift

Sev5638d ago

I think that the inclusion of the PSOne Syphon Filter in this months Qore is get people thinking about the franchise again. :)

infamous_275638d ago

Do you know if you have to be an annual subscriber to get the Syphon Filter game?

fishd5638d ago

I think this guy just confirmed it,lol

they were working on PSP exclusivly for years,and now he is talking about Cell,hmmmm...

Bnet3435638d ago

Syphon Filter is still alive? Woof, I'm gettin' old. I loved the first one on PS1. Ahh man ... what a great game. Played part 2 as well, that was good as well. Never played part 3 or anything after that on PS1 and PS2. The PSP SF games don't feel like the original so I didn't like it as much. Controls were clunky to boot.

Blaze9295638d ago

Logan's Shadow and Dark Mirror on the PSP are the games that got me into Syphon Filter. Would be pretty damn neat to have this on the PS3

Danja5638d ago

you didn't like SP: Dark Mirror on the PSP...? The controls were great plus the MP was great also....

looking forward to a SP game on the PS3.....hope this is true

remanutd555638d ago

Dark mirror and Logan's shadow are two of my favorites psp games of all time ,of course God of War chains of olympus tops them all but they are really good games and as i said b4 im HUGE syphon filter fan and i just cant wait to play a next gen syphon filter game

ThanatosDMC5638d ago

Dark Mirror's graphics was comparable to MGO... the missions were awesome too!

II Necroplasm II5638d ago

Got to bring back Syphon Filter, those PlayStation days were awesome.

Bnet3435638d ago

Nah man, nothing against them, just weren't for me. I'm a fan of the originals on PS1.

indyman77775637d ago

I remember first getting attracted to this game because they said the game has even better music than MGS (metal gear solid) It didn't. But, the game was awesome! I got into it real fast! I especially remember first being impressed on how easy it went from outside to inside without loading. That was awesome (not in all places obviously). This game is getting pre ordered!

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cayal5638d ago

That's about as close to as verified confirmation as you can get.

Consoldtobots5638d ago

this game is the reason I couldn't care less if splinter cell EVER comes to the PS3.

OhReginald5638d ago

i think i just...ripped my pants. When big Larry came 'round just to put him down, SpongeBob turned into a clown, and no girl ever wants to dance with a fool who went and ripped his pants..........

how did i remember that...i have no clue...

LeonSKennedy4Life5638d ago

I know I shouldn't mope around...I shouldn't curse...but the pain feels so much worse.

Cuz windin' up with no one is a lot less fun...than a burn from the sun...or sand in your buns!!!

Now I learned a lesson I won't soon forget. So, listen and you won't regret:

Be true to yourself; don't miss your chance...and you won't end up like the fooooool...whooooo...riiiiiipp ed...his paaaaaaaaants!!!

I have the original soundtrack, The Yellow Album, and the Movie soundtrack.

I know...I'm lame.

thebudgetgamer5638d ago

add four player co-op+
kick ass multi-player=
must buy for me


aftrdark215638d ago

The 4 player co-op on the Omega Strain was so much fun. I hope they have something like that in the next one.

cayal5638d ago

If Splinter Cell remains exclusive this would be a good counter-release for it.

The gaming GOD5638d ago

1. Tomba- This was a personal favorite of mine

2- Destruction Derby- This game in HD with new graphics would be great. Plus just imagine if EVERY car in the wreck derby was an actual person playing. Total joy!

3- Medieval- Hell YEAH!

4-Legend of Dragoon- The fans have been screaming for a sequel for this rpg. To be honest, the way the ending went, I don't see how a sequel would be possible. But you never know.

5-Omega Boost- A very underrated mech shooter. If you couldn't import any of the gundam or macross games to your ps1, this was the next best thing for you to own.

6- Twisted Metal- Please, PLEASE let those ps3 rumors of this one be true.

7-Colony Wars- This was basically Ace/ Air Combat in space.

8-G Police- this one is cult. Need I say more?

9- Jet Moto- Yes we know Motorstorm is the big racer now. But before Motorstorm, there was Jet Moto. Plus Motorstorm is a gritty racer whereas Jet Moto is more of a fancy, speedy, catch-air style racer. I think the two could live in great harmony on the ps3 if they are release about a year apart from each other.

10- Intelligent Cube- Before Echochrome was the big brain teaser, Intelligent Cube was the brain game. If they make this a new age psn game, I think it could work

Anyway, I know I missed some other possible ps1 revivals. And I haven't even touched ps2 yet.

rucky5638d ago (Edited 5638d ago )

Me like Legend of Legaia please :)

@gaming GOD - Why you gotta destroy my dreams man *sniff* :(

midgetsanx5638d ago

I'm liking your list...especially Legend of Dragoon and Tomba. I been dreaming of a Xenogear remake really. I still love that game so much.

labaronx5638d ago

I'm pretty Sure Twisted Metal PS3 will be out between now and November 2010.

Syphon Filter PS3 could be a real gem for Sony if it's done right...

Third Person Cover System
Extensive Coop Mode Mission based kinda Like resistance 2: I/E Rescuing Hostages, Securing Weaponns, ETC...
Solid Multiplayer

The gaming GOD5638d ago

@rucky- I'm not sure if Sony owns the rights to Legend of Legaia, that's why I didn't list it. Legaia 2 was published by someone other than Sony. So I wasn't sure

@midgetsanx- unfortunately, Monolith owns xenosaga and Nintendo now owns Monolith. So that can't happen

zeph945638d ago

Oh my god...jet moto....I have all of em....kickass