Syphon Filter 1, 2, 3, Dark Mirror And Logan’s Shadow Get Rated In Korea For PS4 And PS5

Syphon Filter could be one of the games that could make its way to the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription as they were recently rated in Korea.

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ApocalypseShadow816d ago

Just make a new one already. I know they aren't interested. But damn. Syphon Filter was a great franchise.

CrimsonWing69816d ago

Unfortunately this is like the Capcom test. Nobody is willing to risk making a game that won’t sell, so they test consumer interest with these re-releases. I’m still salty Onimusha and Darkstalkers didn’t do well enough to get new entries, hell I’m just salty we didn’t get the other Onimusha games…

SpacedDuck816d ago

This is what I get annoyed by is studios that worry about a game selling.

I don't get annoyed by that fear but the fact that these studios could easily ensure the game will have enough demand by crowdfunding it with pre-sales to justify development.

So for example Rare has apparently been worried about making a new Banjo game due to the demand for the genre.

I can almost guarantee that if Rare started a campaign where they needed to get $5 million or even $10 million in sales to complete a campaign they would absolutely smash that goal.

A $60 game x 100,000 copies which I think is a low bar for what a new Banjo could do would be $6 million.

The 100,000 pre sales wouldn't even factor in people who buy it through normal release.

If the campaign fails at least the dev's can then say "Hey we tried and nobody lived up to their end"

ApocalypseShadow816d ago

True. But Capcom took too long to make me a new Onimusha game.

But I'm glad Sucker Punch filled in the gap and created Ghost of Tsushima. It's Capcom's loss. I know Capcom is making some good money now. But they could be making more. As Duck said, relying on gamers to buy old games for interest is ridiculous. Just make a new one that's good. That will generate interest.

DarXyde815d ago

That's the worst. I bloody loved Onimusha, especially the 2-disc games (Onimusha 2 and Dawn of Dreams). Genuinely outstanding games.

MIDGETonSTILTS17816d ago

They might make a new one if the public shows interest in the rereleases….

ApocalypseShadow816d ago

Relying on the old games to be bought when most of us have the games already isn't a good idea. Unless they are trying to get new fans.

But the old fans lose out if they can't get new fans to buy them. And I'm not buying them twice because it can be played on a new system. I'll just pull out the old PS1 and PSP to play them.

Snakeeater25816d ago

Here the talk about remake is only about bloodborne the community is too young to even know what syphon filter

Petebloodyonion815d ago

It's actually strange that no one at Sony wants to create another Syphon Filter game despite the notoriety of the IP.
Heck, I could even see Naughty dog applying the Uncharted/TLOU formula to the spy genre by making the settings more future techno, changing the dogs to robots, etc. I'm sure they could create a winner.
Let's hope that the release of the series coincides with the announcement of a new game.

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Muigi816d ago

I was expecting these tbh. Probably overdue on a new one.

InklingGirl816d ago

Lets just leave that heap in the forgotten bin. Haha

Abnor_Mal816d ago

Only ever played the first two, which were great. I hope they do remakes and it’s not just the old games we will get.