Need For Speed: Shift - New Screen Shots

Here are 11 new screen shots from NFS: Shift.

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SynGamer5632d ago

Curious to see this 'new' direction EA is taking with the NFS series.

Bnet3435632d ago

Another one? It's like beating a dead horse over ... and over ... and over ... and over ... again.

Gamer luv5632d ago

Like Mario =D

But yh jesus i didnt even kno the one b4 this was out soo soon.
Seems like theres one every 5 months

Speed-Racer5632d ago

Maybe NFS needs to be reinvented...since EA cant seem to do the arcade scene too well

DelbertGrady5632d ago

lol! Are you aware of the fact that this is being developed by a whole new team?

G4S3OU55632d ago (Edited 5632d ago )

@ Soda Popinsky:

I know but that’s not a reason to change the essence of the series, if EA desire to experiment with a new racing concept they should create a new IP and no mess up the original one, is like making a Burnout focused on simulation instead of the arcade mode.

Speed-Racer5632d ago

They look pretty good if u ask me...kinda reminds me of a mix of GT4 and PGR4

WIIIS15632d ago

In other words, it looks like GT5?

gauravraw5632d ago

PGR4 to be more precise, which is already a BIG compliment. Since it's the ONLY good arcade racer of this current-gen yet.

I am talking about real racing, not Motorstorm and yes, I own a PS3.

Bnet3435632d ago

^^^^ forgot about Burnout Paradise ^^^^