Improper Strokes Hurting Wii Players?

The host of AM talk show "Shape Up America", Michael Torchia, plans to file a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo. In his latest claim to fame, Torchia maintains that Nintendo should stop selling Wii games like the Wii Fit until they make "important changes" to the products like including a warning that the games are "potentially dangerous".

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bgrundman4597d ago

That title is just priceless.

CrAppleton4597d ago

Yeah it is.. whoever came up with that is a genius!

CrAppleton4597d ago

LMAO.. it's ridiculous what people think they can sue for these days

bgrundman4597d ago

Hopefully this case gets thrown out because it is just plain ridiculous.

supercharger51504597d ago

Each person just needs to get what they want out of it. My manager got the Wii Fit after trying it at our Christmas party. He said that his daughter now has more confidence doing sports at school with the other kids since she's practiced at home. Whether that's real sports skills she's learned from the Wii doesn't matter, she's out there.

evadw4597d ago

N4G really should provide me with an explanation as to why I've been restricted. HORRIBLE "customer" support.

darkroomdemons4597d ago

I just got my elbow replaced and the joke in the doctor's office is "Wii tennis elbo". My orthopedic surgeon actually believes this thing will burn peoples body parts to ash if they aren't careful. I wouldn't put it past the lawsuit to be just one of many. Look how many people have black eyes and aching wrists already.

supercharger51504597d ago

Every one wants a piece of the pie... :(

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