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Phil Harrison: PS3 Easier to Develop For Than PS2

We've been hearing for months that the PlayStation 3 is a demanding beast to develop for. But in a revealing interview with OPM, Sony's PS3 frontman Phil Harrison says otherwise.

But Harrison says it isn't so. "With the original PlayStation," Harrison explains, "we had very rich and fully featured [software resource] libraries for developers to program with." But soon developers grew tired of working with Sony's pre-selected code libraries and wanted to "write direct to the metal" for maximum performance, a request Sony granted with the PlayStation somewhat mixed results, according to Harrison, as that technique was a "bit hard" to program with.

But not so with the PS3's Cell chip, which is "completely different." Rather than require programmers to develop specialized skills, Harrison explains in the piece, they utilize "general-purpose programming languages" to make for a smoother, less demanding coding process. "The PlayStation 3 is, definitely, easier and cheaper to develop for, relative to the same period on the PS2," Harrison says.

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silent ninja6547d ago

its been known for a year now. nothing special
but does it matter whether its hard or easy ps2 still had great games

mikeeno76547d ago

This guy is just like all the other sony guys.
Just wait till the PS3 launches and you'll see how many 'promises' are kept. '4D gaming' remember sony fanboys. That's what you've been promised...
and before anyone calls me an xbug, X360 fanboy, sony hater, all the usual crap, there's no need, i'm proud to admit i am...

andy capps6547d ago

Then why comment on a thread that has nothing do with the Xbox 360?

Also, this is not "new" news. I've been reading news for the past year or so from devs saying that the PS3 is much easier to PROGRAM for than the PS2. Deano from Ninja Theory has stated this, Michael from Guerrilla, etc. Everyone knows that it's much easier to program for than the PS2, that's not saying that it's as "easy" to program for as the Xbox 360. The whole point is that, if any devs have worked on PS2 games, then they will have a much easier time on PS3 games. Xbox 360 will probably still be the "easiest" for lazy PC developers that are still writing the same sloppy code that they've been doing for years for first person shooters. So, you're going to see a lot of PC ports to the Xbox 360. If you like FPS's, that's good news for MS fans.

This also means that if the PS3 is easier to code for, it's just going to require less time programming (or less programmers), and more time spent on the actual content in the game (more artists). It doesn't mean development will be faster, it just means that they should be able to get the game running faster, but you still have to fill it with something. I believe that the devs still have the option of writing in assembly code (which is much more efficient and time consuming), but Sony has built in a lot more software support this time around to make it easier, if the devs choose to do it that way.

COVER GIRL6547d ago

It's the other way around dev's will not be sloppy with 360 when working D/9 vs dev's with all the room PS3 B/disc. The devs working on PS3 will be the ones being sloppy. MS monitors dev's, Sony does not.

ACE6547d ago


andy capps6547d ago

There is no logic in your comment. Just because there's more room on the disc means that there will be sloppy programming? That's the first time I've heard that a significant storage advantage over the other two competitors will actually make the PS3 have sloppier programming. It's also the first time that I've heard that each dev doesn't have debuggers, quality control departments, and that Sony doesn't review any games prior to release for stability and adherence to certain basic requirements. Also, DirectX 9 will not make MS developers better coders. It's just a different way of doing things than what Sony is doing.

Jay da 2KBalla6547d ago (Edited 6547d ago )

Just shutup because you have no clue what you are talking about. All the extra space only allows game devs to be more sloppy and take up more space on a disc. As game devs become more acquainted to a system they learn how to better optimize their coding and use up less space which is why there are sequels that take up less space as the originals. Obviously you have no clue what you are talking about so how about just shutting da fuk up?

And Directx 9 probably wont make devs better coders you are right, that is why directx 10 will.

andy capps6546d ago

I'll post if I want to post on here. You have presented no logical opinion either. What is up with you Xbox fans lately, are you not educated enough about gaming consoles that you can't present a logical argument? I didn't know the Xbox 360 GPU was future proofed for Direct X 10, can you provide a link? The first Direct X 10 GPU's for PC's aren't even out yet.

Your excuse, with no proof, that all the extra space will allow devs to be more sloppy is ridiculous. By that same thought process, the same thing must have happened when PS1 developers switched to working on DVD's for the PS2 games.

And to your post regarding the Xbox 360 being "far easier" to develop for than the PS3, please provide links for this from independent developers. It might be slightly easier than the PS3, but I highly doubt that it is "far easier."

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OutLaw6547d ago

I wonder if he talk to some developers before making a statement like that. Also if I could remember, in the beginning the PS2 was hard to develop for. So that statement doesn't explain nothing.

TheMART6547d ago

That's RELATIVE to the PS2 which is very, very, very hard to program. Which makes the PSZero very, very hard to program (notice one 'very' less).

I mean come on this says totally nothing. Developpers have said that the 360 has a real nice developping environment, where the PSZero takes much time to program. So much that it's quit possible that some or a lot of games won't make it on that format. Or just get some sort of ports from easier to program formats. Just because it's more expensive to make them.

So what's Sony saying with this statement? Not much. It's still hard to program even if it should be easier then the PS2...

AuburnTiger6547d ago

So you must be some type of developer to know that it's very, very, very hard to make games for the ps2?

How about after a year after the ps3 is released, let's see who has more games available.

Also, isn't it possible and I mean if there’s just a chance that this whole ease of development thing was started by a certain company to make Sony look bad?

We could also look at it like this, the XBOX is easier to develop for than the ps3, so would that make the ps3 just normal to program for?

Lucidmantra6547d ago

Having the most games doesnt make a winner and in a year PS3 will have 1 year of games worth and MS will have 2 years worth of releases. Most of the rest I agree with you on. We all know the 360 is easier to develop for than the PS3 will be due to the CPU cluster and the way they have to program threads in the SPE's of the CELL. And maybe the PS3 will mearly be normal to program for.

Jay da 2KBalla6547d ago

Starcraft "Also, isn't it possible and I mean if there’s just a chance that this whole ease of development thing was started by a certain company to make Sony look bad? "

Simple Answer: No

Also remember: the harder to program for a console the more expensive it is as well.

THELANDSOFSAND6547d ago (Edited 6547d ago )

ok phill, then why do i keep reading, from developers, that the PS3 ISN'T easy to develop for. If it was so damn easy you wouldn't have to come out and make a whole statement trying to convince people it is easy.

Apparently the 360 has much better development tools, libraries, Live! support, constant feedback to MS, ect.

so lets see some proof phill.

ACE6547d ago