X Edge Screenshots

52 new screenshots of X Edge (Cross Edge) has been posted on a X Edge fan site.

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Gue13536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

I seriously don't know what's the point on bringing this game to America (slated for march apparently) because nobody will care. Most people doesn't even know who are more than half of the characters in it (fan service for people that aren't fans) and it is a classic strategy game(=borigness to the extreme) with PS2 graphics without a single CGI or anime cut-scene and probably bad story...

Where's my OneeChanbara PS3? A hot girl on bikini slaying zombies!? I like that!

Or namcoXcapcom ps3 version? I know most of the characters so I approve this fan service!

Tatsunoko vs Capcom PS3? I love Street Fighter and the freaking G-Force!

^These are the kind of niche tittles that I want!

X edge is a niche tittle with characters from niche games for... niche of niche lovers? That's too niche for me. LoL

MAiKU3536d ago

Uhm... dark stalkers and Disgaea are pretty huge... at least i always thought they were. hmm.... they're pretty mainstream here in the US.

Chris3993536d ago

If you own a PS3 and like RPGs, buy this game.

There is a demo on the Japanese PSN store as well. The graphics are quite nice, and the gameplay seems tight - fighting/ RPG hypbrid. This is a must have if you're into anime, as there is a tremendous amount of fanservice to be found in this title.

From what I've read though, the plot doesn't rely on prior knowledge of the characters, so if you're new or oblivious to anime, it won't really matter.

The_Perverted_Ninja3536d ago

wiimaniac change your picture please... I can't stand looking at that pale ugly bastard. :(