Rumor: Epic Working On New MMO

Blend Games Writes:

"You may remember a few months ago we reported here on Blend Games that there was an MMO-clone of Gears of War, it was codenamed Project E by Korean MMO developers GameHI. As you know, that game is pretty much strictly staying in the Southeast territories. However, that doesn't mean Epic isn't working on a new Gears of War MMO project of their own."

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GWAVE4249d ago

I just hope EPIC gets someone else to do the net code. Not only that, but I hope they buff up the Unreal Engine to display more than small rooms or on-rails sections. Anyone who plays MMOs knows that the Unreal Engine hasn't really proven itself capable of MMO-sized game worlds.

cheese4249d ago

Maybe they can fix Gears of War 2 first.

Rich16314249d ago

That article doesn't make sense. How would a MMO Gears of War work? I mean seriously... the game is a slow paced tactical shooter. You would have to make major changes to the formula. If anything it would be a new IP or a larger scale Unreal Tournament game (maybe 64 players?) Either way, Epic is awesome, so I am game for whatever they make.

cyguration4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Apparently you never seen Project E:

Literally just like GEoW but an MMO...looks super fun.